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Action Movie!

rated 1.87 / 5 stars
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Jan 20, 2010 | 9:36 PM EST

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Author Comments

The action never stops! It's like crank 2!



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Well, the "intro" was nice. Funny sound effects, smooth animations and simple but clean graphics. But after that all we got was a spinning triangle with flashing colours in the background.

Too bad, I think you showed that you have talent in the intro, so don't waste it on spam submissions like this.

{ Review Request Club }


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well, the start was good

The problem that I see with this animation was that you have a decent mouse drawn piece to start proceedings off with, but then it falls flat on its arse as soon as you start the epilepsy flashing and the spinning symbol.

One of the major failings of the piece was the complete lack of plot. Seriously, I could make a better looking flash, as I remain committed enough to take something from start to finish with a plot that gets it there. If you're going to do a frame by frame, where the cursor flashes different colours, that's fine, but something like this jsut goes to show that you've got little respect for your audience.

From the start, you need to consider zooming in more and from there, allowing yourself to get a better, smoother drawn piece, that encourages people to come back and watch it more and more.

[Review Request Club]


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Epiliptic warning much?

Could at least put a warning for people who suffer from epilipsy in the Author comments section, not that I suffer from it though, actually enjoyed the flashy coloring and whatnot.

Animation: Somewhat reminds me of other flash authors but this actually had pretty nice animation and the spinning never ends...

Audio: Running in the 90's-Max Coveri, always a good song.

Storyline: Someone trips causing a triangle with an eye to appear and spin in an epiliptic manner forever.

Overall: This is actually quite funny if you ask me, nice job!!

Review Request Club



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

The end feeling that I get with this submission is that it could have been good, but it just wasn't.

~ Animation ~

The animation that you had was pretty smooth, but there was also a pretty big lack of it all together. You had the whole spinning thing going on there, but that could have been a pretty easy copy and paste. It does seem to get a bit faster, but even if it did that really wouldn't be much work.

~ Graphics ~

Pretty simple, but I feel that if the submission had more content that it would have been good enough. There could have definitely been a better style used here and much neater art, but like I said it wasn't terrible.

I loved the colors that you used in the entire submission though. The colors of the background and the clouds looked pretty good.

~ Story/Content ~

This could have been good, but it's what really brought the submission downhill. For example you simply stuck to the object spinning at the end, but if you would have went with a bunch of random images and different scenes then you might have had a pretty decent music video. With what you had though there was basically nothing to watch of any interest.

The guy running into the wall and having something splatter out from his head was the most exciting part and that really wasn't much.

~ Audio ~

The audio seemed a bit loud at first. Perhaps tune it down a bit. It was almost like you wanted this submission to make someone deaf on top of making them go into seizures.

The sound effects were done rather well and were synced pretty well with the animation.

~ Overall ~

There really isn't anything to watch here that would be enjoyable to someone. Making it longer with a bunch of difference scenes would have made it enjoyable and maybe even a good music video.

~ Review Request Club ~


Rated 2 / 5 stars


Woah, put a seizure warning in the author's comments, man. I saw your warning in the review request club thread, but this might be a nasty surprise to non-RRC club members.

Anyways, the reason I give this a two is that it's so short that it doesn't really have any substance. If you had made it a bit longer, it think it would have been much better. Additionally, I didn't really like how you used the rainbow gradient for that little... thing that came jumping out. It just seemed out of place.

But, other than that, the animation that did have was pretty good. It was smooth and I like the drawing style.

[Review Request Club]

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