Don't Drink Juice

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ummm.. i'm not sure what to think of this.. i'm moving toward experimental type movies... i'm not very happy with this but i feel i need to upload something


Delightfully weird, but also very lacking.

As someone who's been drinking juice every day for years, I felt compelled to watch this. It's decent, but I feel that it's missing a lot.

In the first scene, there are no walls and almost no signs of ground anywhere. Maybe if you had added more to the movie, the reason(s) for those missing boundaries could have been explained and you could have built a theme around those ideas. But as it is, the scene seems incomplete.

This could also do with some sounds effects and music; they would definitely add to the atmosphere. Since they aren't included, the movie is unable to convey emotions to me. Things happen, but I don't "feel" them.

On the bright side, I really like your frame-by-frame work. I just wish it had more to accompany it. The plot is very unusual and it seemed to be going somewhere interesting, so the abrupt ending really disappoints me.

I'd really like to see you expand upon this confusing little short and make it into something more. I believe it has a lot of potential and could evolve into something really great if you devote enough effort to it.

But even if you don't add on to this, I hope you continue making animations and improving your skills!


No lo entiendo... xD


its ok dont know wats goin on though

Not bad, but it's pretty basic

Keep in mind that there's more to animation than just simple shape manipulation, but it wasn't complete crap...

hummmm... ok

i dont realy like that animation but it was funny

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2.34 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2010
8:20 PM EST