Wright got WRONGED!

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So after a few days of fussing with assorted files and details I managed to hack this together. It's basically my own take on the trend of "Phoenix Wrong" movies.

What makes it different, you may wonder? No profanity, no breast jokes, nothing from Simpsons, South Park or Family Guy, no anime references, and no angsty punk goth metal. Oh, and there's actual court jokes in this one.

Now that we've limited the Phoenix Wrong fanbase down to about four, I hope you enjoy.

Phoenix Wright © 2001-2010 Capcom Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Movie made by and © Malamite Ltd. 2010


Pure awesome

Fantastic work. You get a lot of marks in my book. Original (in the fact you actually used court jokes), references/material from shows others didn't think to use, and bonus points for making something that's hilarious without any dirt jokes what so ever. (Though there were a lot of corny ones...)

And so, I say bravo to you good sir. Bravo.

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I've gotta say, as much as I loved the Phoenix Wrong videos back in the day when they first started popping up, it was great to see one without any cheap laughs or boob jokes or anything of the kind. However, I would say that at least half of this video didn't really get any sort of reaction from me. Some of the clips didn't cut out until after the funny part and seemed a little drawn out. If you try again, use more court humor! Ever seen Night Court?


I'll be honest..That was good! got me quite a few laughs. i miss the old days of humor...so prosperous, they were

Intelligent,but not funny

I see you have tried to get away from the chavvy joke aspect, but its not funny. Its actually quite sad that in todays world we can't make a joke thats funny without swearing or including genitals or sex. Thanks to Izzard, Garvais and Co. for ruining great British humor. Screw them all. Well, thats my rant over.

Average at best.

It was a nice attempt at straying from the "Phoenix Wrong" style, but it was there that you lost the appeal.
The sync and sound were great, though it almost seemed like it was a lazy animation. The audio did sound a bit even in most of the movie, so that could explain things.
There really isn't much else to talk about, except the most important thing: the jokes.
While most of them seemed like "court jokes", a fair share of them were random audio clippings much like in the Phoenix Wrong series, just more child friendly. Overall, the jokes were dull and kinda slow. The hammer intermissions give the feeling of a fast-paced switch, but it didn't really fit in here.
Maybe that's why there weren't as many "court jokes" in the Phoenix Wrong series, they just aren't that funny.

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Jan 19, 2010
7:31 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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