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Magic Guts Power!

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Author Comments

This is my second movie. I putted down a whole lot of work on this one. I am really satisfied with it.

It is a short little movie of a boy who gets "Magical Guts Power" and flyes out to space.

Rate and tell me what you think!


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Was quite funny

Animation: Actually very good for a mouse drawn piece of work, better than what some people do anyways.

Audio: Nice effects and hilarious song effects.

Storyline: He does some poses then gains powers from doing so. Then he flies into the air and destroys a pigface looking thing.

Overall: Wonderful job.

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topatisen responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :).

Not bad for a mouse animation

Well, I've seen a lot worse animations gracing the pages of Newgrounds over the years, so I really can't have a go at you for trying. I can point you in the right direction on a few parts however, as you could use a slightly wider spectrum of sound effects, for example. One single sound for the actions sounds like you're moving from frame to frame of a comic strip.

When it comes to the flying and what looks like rocket power, perhaps some sort of facial expression is needed, as otherwise it looks too simple. I'd also suggest that you come up with a design of a flame, as at the moment, it looks as if you've just got a line of body propelling him upwards. It could be some sort of flame, so the best thing I could suggest was to make it a triangular flame, then add a smaller orange one inside and an even smaller yellow flame, to make it look more realistic. Having the size of this flame change smaller then bigger would also help to stop potential boredom for the viewers.

Finally, when the face with eye lasers gets "Mario stomped", perhaps have the guy fly overhead, cut the power and drop, before firing up again and flying away?

When you're drawing, try zooming in and using a slightly smaller tool, to maximise control. When you zoom out, the piece will look so much more detailed, it will surprise you :)

[Review Request Club]

topatisen responds:

Thanks, alot of things to try out here, I will put you in the credits for giving me help on stuff. Thanks!

Nice try

Actually the movie is quite funny. I like that you chose to draw a "realy" character instead of just a stickman. The drawings look pretty good.

The animations are quite smooth as well. Nothing too fancy here, but overall it all looks very natural. I liked that you used a simple red line to indicate the "fire" that came out of the boys guts. It isn't too hard to draw a red line and yet it looked pretty good. Even took me a time to realize it was just a simple line.
However, the lines didn't work that well for the lasers that last thing was shooting from his eyes. Maybe you should use a smaller tool to draw the beams.

The storyline is a bit weird, but maybe it can be explained that everything just was the kid's imagination.
The sound effects are chosen well. Maybe you could cut down on the "swish"-sounds the boy made every time he moved. It got a bit annoying towards the end.
Also the voice over had a lot of statics in it, you should try to fix that.

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topatisen responds:

Yeah, at first I started to make it with a stickfigure, but then I thought that almost every movie features a stickman, so I drawed a real character instead. Yeah, the story is weird. I have no idea if it is his imagination or if it is for real :P. I totally agree, the beams look a bit cheap, I know, I could've put in some more effort into those.

Short and sweet.


I liked this, I must say it was fairly random, which is usually a negative in my book,
however in this case it was so short, that the weird frantic energy the film had didn't dissipate.

I do feel that the animation was lacking in some bits but overall it was pretty solid, the drawings were basic, and childlike, which I feel added to the twisted lighthearted feel of the piece.

I don't really see too much wrong with the film aside from the animation, I guess it's almost as good as it can be.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

topatisen responds:

Thank you. I will put more time into the next one that I am making. Harder, better, faster, stronger.

~ Review Request Club ~

I'll start off saying that I know you didn't request this submission in the review request club, but I am a part of that club and noticed that your submission didn't have a lot of reviews so I spotlighted it for the members to review. Expect a couple more reviews to pop in after this one slowly throughout the week.

~ Animation ~

For the most part the animation was actually pretty smooth. I couldn't really see anything wrong with it. On top of that though you also didn't do anything extremely hard in terms of animation so there wasn't much room for failure either. I wouldn't mind seeing some more complex animation in future submissions.

~ Graphics ~

This was probably the biggest downfall of the submission. The artwork wasn't very good. I don't really care if it was original or not, but I feel that your drawings could have been done a lot better with much more detail. I also feel that you have the talent to keep improving and if you really focus on your drawings that you could improve tenfold.

~ Story/Content ~

I think I would consider this a music video. I loved how completely random it was at times. I think once he was in space he should have kept going through space with different planets and objects in the background, but after awhile the stars just went away instead. I think the second biggest thing that could have helped this submission would be to make it about thirty seconds longer. I felt disappointed that it was so short.

~ Audio ~

The first voice seemed to be very out of place, but the overall effect of the music and the sound effects were probably the best part of this submission all around. This being your strong point, or at least this submission makes it seem like your strong point, I would build submissions around it in the future.

~ Overall ~

I think you need some more complex animation, the graphics could be worked on, the length of the submission could be a tad longer, and that you did a great job of animating to the audio of the submission. Good luck in the future!

~ Review Request Club ~

topatisen responds:

Thanks for the review. This is the first animation that I have put much time into, and I know that it is too short. But I am currently working on a new one. More complex animations, better sound and a better story. Thanks!