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Cyber Race 2 multiplayer

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A multiplayer game in high resolution, with a brand new track and fast gameplay.
It starts automatically in multiplayer.

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I liek

I simply liked the feel of the controls for the car even though i found them difficult to use. The slide you got when you got stuck in the green was nice because even though it messed you up to fall in you got out quickly, unlike in most racers were you be stuck for 10 whole seconds or even up to a minute. Chat would simply be an upgrade, as well a player count. I liek!

Very good, man.

The car had very good control. When you got too fast, the car didn't spin out of control. I LOVED how you were able to turn the direction of the car without having to accelerate or drive in reverse. That can be a pain in the ass to do, sometimes. The control and driving were both very good.

The music was a familiar old arcade game rendition that sounds like it would be in a racing game. It loops nicely, and isn't irritating. The car driving sounds more like a chainsaw, but you were intelligent enough to put a button at the bottom that can mute the sound of the car, and a seperate button to mute the music, just incase you wanted one sound, but not the other.

Nicely done, gsxr1100.

gsxr1100 responds:

Thank you very much!

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2010
2:09 PM EST