Jungle Girl Lydia test

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I am still working on this game,

It has taken me 4 years now and I am finally up to this stage of getting my logs moving but there are still problems due to my limited programing skills.

Be Careful, you will fall off the logs so please keep moving.

Use LEFT Arrow, RIGHT Arrow to move and UP arrow to jump.

Stay out of the quicksand, oh and don't worry about the snakes, they don't work yet.

I am still making this game so this is just an update from where I have last left off.


Six years after. Interesting start of "game" (I think I know one of its purposes). ;) Did you abandon the project ?

I like your work here and on other websites, continue like this if you feel like doing !


I dunno if you plan to make this into a porn game similar to that of jungle girl but if you need help with anything join the forum at Toonpimpdotnet.

We got a few games in development, Flash help sections and a few artists and programmers who will be willing to lend a hand.

But in all honesty, This is pretty good for a test, As i said, i dunno what you plan to accomplish with this game, A porn game, A platformer or a jungle survivor game.

But, Keep at it, I know you can do it.


TBoneQSLO responds:

A porn game? Well I would always love to make a Hentai game, but this is NOT a Hentai game at all, this is just a game that can be played by anyone from any age, perhaps I should have to fix that mature rating that Newgrounds have given me, perhaps I should not have put in mild nudity or sexual contnet and instead put in none.

Thanks for the help and I will see what I can do when I sign up into toonpimp dot net.

Four years and this is all you have to show?

I like to encourage newbies as much as the next guy, but I was doing things more technically impressive than this after my first week of Flash, and I knew well enough not to submit them to the public. There is just nothing good about this.

TBoneQSLO responds:

Ever tried to do flash games when you also have a busy family life and also you never were taught how to do the simple jumping platform functions in school?

I know I have limited programming ability but I am doing my best even though the work is slow.

It is because there are more things in my life that make it so hard for me to work on this.

Incomplete game

Hmmm, when you get the time I suggest giving the snakes a purpose. I suggest fixing the logs so that you can stay on, and well, expand the game.

You did well with what you have, but you need to finish the game.

TBoneQSLO responds:

I only put the snakes in there to see how I can fit them in before I activate their programming functions and movements.

next update I will try to fix all those things.

But so far, this is where I am up to.

Thanks for the comment too.

good work for a test.....

but yeah, as it was said before if the snakes have no purpose yet you should probably get rid of them until they do. The not staying on the logs thing should be fixed as well. Also the game would be a lot more interesting if when she hit the quicksand there was a chance to struggle her way out by furiously tapping the space bar or whatever the hell you choose for that...but it gets harder each time after the first time you fall in. Also is there a reason it's a mature game? Cause right now it looks to me alike an Everyone game....unless the snakes are going to rape her if they hit....then, you know, it would make perfect sense.

Anyways, good work so far and hope to see the finished product.

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TBoneQSLO responds:

I only put in mild nudity because of the way her outfit exposes her clevage, perhaps that was just a mistake on my part of putting in the nudity or sexual content as mild, next time I do an update I will just put all the content things as none, such as no sexual content or no nudity and no violence and no language just to make sure it earns an everyone rating.

I was originally hoping for a Teen content rating because I thought they way I had her snakeskin outfit showing a little of her clevage was suitable for a Teen rating, I guess I need to consider what newgrounds might portray as mature compared to teen rating before I do my next update

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Jan 18, 2010
10:20 AM EST
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