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Janurary Seventeenth 2010

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Halfway through the month already. Here is one simple skit where StrawberryClock puts up a magic show for his loving Crew when he suddenly gets interrupted by an intruder. Will it stop our king, StrawberryClock, king of the Portal, from performing for his loyal Clocks? See to find out.


[EDIT] Daily 9th? I could understand the Psyduck movie getting this high, but this one? You're crazy, guys. <3 <3

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once upon a time

the cake is a lie, so technicly this cant take the cake now can it?

Did you make it in one day?

This is the best movie of the series. Awesome story and great ending.

LotusClock responds:

Yep. Was able to make all of this in one day.

I dunno why, but you sound like you love magic, isn't that right?

im hapy for u

1st comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also lol carrotclock got pwned

LotusClock responds:

Actually that's the last comment. The first comment is at the very bottom of the list. And even then, there's nothing impressive about getting first comment.


it really is

LotusClock responds:

The Clock Crew: bringing wonderful magic to the Portal every day.

That was awesome!

I hope you get an award for this! Better than some of the crap I see on the portal today, like that crappy sonic sprite flash. Strawberry is teh best magician evurzzr!

LotusClock responds:

I usually don't bother with movies that have Sonic or any video game character's name in the title. You know in advance it's going to be a crappy sprite Flash. The Clock Crew can beat those any day.