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Star wars animation movie

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I made this for all of you! Enjoy!

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Entertaining, but painful on the eyes.

I felt the use of animation and timing with the music was nice.

The ideas were good, but however poorly executed. The introduction could be cut easily, as I can guarantee nobody really looked at it with any sort of attention.
The attempt to create the illusion of motion literally hurt my eyes, and I had to squint through-ought the rest of it.
The first fight scene was mediocre, while the other two were rather entertaining, in particular the last one.
If you put the work into the large introduction, you could've put a little effort into a ending credits, rather then just cutting off immediantly.
Hope this helps.

Ok, but...

Strong effort, good animation, but poor character designs, the text needs to be in white so we can actually see it, and the ending seems lacking. Try working on this some more.

very imaginative names

well put together with good music but bad animating