Pokemon: Fated Battle

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Ok people this is it!! The biggest poke battle you'll ever see! forget the turns, forget the "Charizard use WATER GUN!!! Let's just throw the damn pokeballs and let all our Pokémon do the talking!

BTW: This is my second ever flash, I only started using CS3 flash in early 2009 so don't be expecting a masterpiece here :P

(Pokemon The Fated Encounter is complete!! so what are you waiting for? go and see it :)

(UPDATE*1) Black boarders inserted incase of over enlargement
(UPDATE*2) Minor graphical issue changes
(UPDATE*3) Sync issue resolved

Ok an explanation into why I made this: Since I've been navigating newgrounds I noticed the Pokémon section titled "kill all the Pokémon" or something like that and not many people liking Pokémon. But I noticed there is actually a large poke fan-base here so I wanted to see in my ability what I can contribute to them. Although I myself not a fan of Pokémon and never really was, I also don't hate it, why should I hate it? Just admit to yourselves that everyone use to like poke at one point of their life hence me making this, so sit back and enjoy the murkage.

(EDIT: Sorry about the dodgy artwork I'm really shite at drawing pokemon, so bare with me and try and watch thanks :)

(Anyways back to this! yes in the video the Pokémon do more than four moves each, but however I have done my research on their attacks on that bulbapedia wiki (very helpful poke wiki :) So no problems here with fake attacks (Steelix doing thunderbolt or something Oo)

Runtime- 3:45 mins (Battle scene duration)
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 845!! O_o
Production Time of Flash- 20 days
P.S I never again shah publish in AS3! what a nightmare! Just to make a button? (Again sorry for filesize, I've got two unstreamed mp3s in this submission which adds on a gazillion more MBs :P

??????: Spot the mystery pokemon in the flash, hehe :)
and hope you enjoy or enjoyed the cataclysmic battle! as the marines would say "ooOORAH!!!" XD



it looks like you have all your shit under control, but goddamn boy. WORK ON YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. I think that stands out the most. Your own characters seem flawed, they are typical of a 12 year old drawing anime.

Loved every second of it!

Only problem I saw with this flash is that it had to end.

But I have to strongly disagree with TheReviewGuy comments about the camera effects and shaking. I wish more animators went all out on their flashes like you did. The effects really came together well and making the battle much more intense.


This was a good daily feature!

I enjoyed how action packed the flash was, and for me the funnest part was trying to figure out all the moves they we're doing. By the fourth time through I ended up shouting at my pc "Here comes the ice beam...but no! Countered by a fire punch! WOOOOO." As you can see I got pretty into it, haha.

I would have liked it to calm down in some spots, maybe a bit less shaky on the camera so I can focus more on the characters, and maybe clean up the drawing a bit, but what you have here is an awesome idea that was done well enough to inspire you further. I'm sure we'd all like to see more of this type of stuff from you, as you hone your fighting flash techniques. Play around with effects and attacks, you have alot of material to work with and a great creative spark!

Till next time (I hope!)

Smell ya later!

Real time representation at long last!

I read an earlier reply you made to a comment - I still play the games and I'm older than you are! People who dislike or even diss the franchise don't understand or refuse to accept that it in essence is quite an awesome idea.

This is by far one of the best real time representations of a proper battle. Yes it borrows heavily from DBZ elements, but if that's what it takes to make a proper battle sequence, then so be it. The pace was kept up from start to finish and backed with good sound and music, this was quite the adrenaline rush. None of that slow anime rubbish fighting.

I would've scored this alot higher but I won't because of one thing - and it's a big thing in my opinion.

Go easy - alot easier - on the constant camera shaking effect. Almost every scene is like an explosion. Nothing stays still. Even when some of them are merely moving in a straight direction the camera angle does that wobbly thing. It's not that you should forsake it altogether, but get it under wraps. Couple it with the quick screen changing and flashing - which I think is the better effect to play with - you get major eyeball messing and it's just hard to concentrate on what's going on. Every action and every screen is just shaking like mad. I know you want to incorporate a real sense of impact within the fights but there are limits to explore. This one kind of went a little bit overboard.

I do like the flash - I think it's about time someone beefed up a proper pokemon battle sequence. But it's not just about flashy depictions of moves and such. It's also about presentation. It's like a great big platter of gourmet food, but sloshed together haphazardly. It may have all the right ingredients, but it doesn't present itself properly.

All it needs is some arranging and some more attention to detail.

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Tyrant-D responds:

wow! a good constructive review :) this is what I like :) I'm glad that you like the flash. Your right about me going a bit overboard with the effects. I remember testing it, testing it then playing it and thinking to myself "theres a bit too much going on" and at one point when scizor was doing double team, there was some flashing effects. which could potentially be the cause of a innocent epileptic seizure Oo... which I wouldn't want to be responsible for.

Anyways thank you for the constructive criticism, I will glady take you suggestions aboard sir! :)

not bad

When the anime would be like that, it would atleast be worth watching and less shameful=P

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Jan 17, 2010
11:49 AM EST
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