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SK3 - Nemesis Theory

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Ultimate devastation comes upon the SF dimension. Ryu, the last hope, is dead. And Shang Tsung plans on personally crossing over to complete the invasion. In these desperate times, a final rebellion is made as two brothers unlikely team up.


Music Credits (In Order):
Tekken 5 - Call of the Inferno
Final Fantasy 7 - Forgotten City
Devil May Cry 4 - Total Result
Paul Oakenfold - Dread Rock
Devil Mary Cry 3 - Vergil Battle 2
Baechigi - If I Open the Entrance

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This is good. But I agree with SoulViruz. This has Proxicide style written all over. You have great animation but try to come out with your own style next time.

Why is everybody copying Proxicide's Work?

Copied flash

ahh, man.
All the ideas of the fight are from Proxicide's "MK vs SF"
The menu is copied too.
Even a dialogue "Your moves will make a good collection"(or somth like that)
is like "Your move will make part of me"

That was epic

Well, at first i was bored even to continue watching it..... But then when they started to fight, it was something else.... At the end i almost cried, love the story and the idea too.......!

Far out...

I can't believe how stupid some people are, sure it takes a lot of elements from MK vs SF, but it's still it's own thing. It was made from scratch and the effects and techniques used were still impressive, people who dismiss it as "stolen" try to do this: Find your favourite flash on this site, get the skills to make it again except with a few things different, it's still VERY DIFFICULT