Mario Verses Sonic Part 1

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This is one of my first sprite animations I have submitted. If you like it, I'll continue it.
Sorry. Looks like the flash got messed up when I uploaded it. Maybe it's just my computer. It is supposed to say to be continued at the end.


not a bad start

For a first it's not too bad, I'ld just suggest adding some fighting music in the background. It's short though and it would have been better to add more before submitting because it doesn't really give us much to give advice on except for "it should be longer". So keep working on the overall speed of the animation cause there was standing around which isn't good to see in a fight, and you might want to find a way to clean up the sprites a bit because I notice small blue or green blocks popping up around certain sprite animations. nice try, just keep practicing.

Good first attempt!

The animation was very smooth, and not choppy like alot of other animations. Your use of special effects was pretty good, too.
Just a bit simplistic, but aside from that, great first attempt at a sprite animation!

yeah, quite good

it was quite nice, yoo short and too many pauses inbettween the moves


Animation isn's bad, but it's short. Voted 2 - nothing interesting, but should stay (hope next be better)


its better than most. some moves done by Mario and Sonic wer already done in Super Mario Bros.Z

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1.89 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
5:53 PM EST