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Enemy Encounter

rated 3.12 / 5 stars
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Jan 16, 2010 | 3:06 PM EST

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Author Comments

Build this small Arean shooter.

Was actually my first real flash project, nothing too special, just a small arena shooter.
Tutorial is ingame, but here are the controls anyway:

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move around
Space: Pause/unpause game
Mouse: Aim
Left Click: Shoot

Collect money, level up and beat those damn missions.

Right click to change quality!

And please tell me about any unknown bug you find!

Known bugs:
-Walking through objects bug

Have fun!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really like this game, one of the best free games I've ever played.

Just a few things:
1. I NEED MORE WEAPONS =D, i've aleady got over 1'000'000'000'000 $ and don't know what to do with this money.

2. MORE MISSIONS, or alternatively a modus for replaying the game, with the money, stats, level and everything you have, but the enemies are lot harder this time (and give more EXP).

3. At the moment, the shield is worthless. Is it correct that the defence of the character doesn't affect the shield? Because when something hits my shield, bam, all the 25'000 points are away but when I get hit, I only get like 800 damage.

4. My red friend is sometimes more a disability than a helper. Before that the game was a "bullethell, avoid all the bullets"-game but now it's a "kill the enemy before he kills you"-game. It would be great if he has his own Hitpoints and (according to his level) as many as the character. And if he gets killed, he will respawn after like 60-180 secs.

5. The "F"-ability (smaller and stronger) does only affect me, but not my red helper. It would be great if you can change that so this ability also affects him.

The rest is really nice, I've favorited the game and I'll rate it every day with a 5/5

regards, Tryko

ps: sorry for my bad english

default0 responds:

1 -> Without also implementing the 2nd point, this would screw the game up since you'd become FAR too strong o.O
2 -> Read above, either both or none of these two, maybe Ill add them up someday, maybe not...
3 -> Yep, this is correct, and I just need to add up another feature I accidentially forgot (upgrade that gives your shield 200'000 stamina)
4 -> He ain't got his own hitpoints for a simple reason: Performance! Imagine, if any bullet eats up twice as many performance, this would cause lagggggggggggggg =O
5 -> if your helper also gets this ability, it would be really unfair....

Lets see, I might make a sequel to this one as there seem to be more people who like it than people who hate it =D

Best regards


Rated 4 / 5 stars


the game rocks, i loved everything about it. but there were some things that made it unbalenced:

1)enemies cause way too much collision damage, they go from killing you in about 5-6 collisions, to over 1,000,000 damage with one collision. waaaaaaaaaay too much.

2) also, im not sure if this is just me or not, but my shield started out all the way at 200000 (Max hp) at lvl 1, until the later lvls i was completely indestructable. work on it if possible, add a way to raise your shields max hp and lower its starting max to like 500 or something.

3)lower the damage your shield takes. at first it was nice, and steady, but around missions 9 and 10 your shield starts going down in a few simple bullet hits. add a way to strengthen your shields defense (and add a limit, we dont want super tankers who never die lol).

4)weaken the shield, alot. the shield does NOT lower the damage by 3/4. it sends ALL damage i take to 1, guarunteed, no fail whatsoever. please work on that. (this refers to its power, not its defense. these are 2 different things people).

5)balance out the exp needed between lvl ups/the experience enemies give (i have alot on this, bear with me people). the first enemies are decent, 1 exp givin and about 26 exp needed is nice. quick, but not too quick. but the first spawners gave me 1 entire lvl up per spawner killed until about lvl 6-7. please work on that, its too much exp from them. also, after i reached the high 10s, it went from needing a few thousand exp/lvl up, to needing several HUNDRED THOUSAND exp/lvl up. this was one of many wtf moments, and the enemies worth even 10% of the bar were extremely hard, lower their difficulty a little. and then at lvl 46, it went from needing about 2 million experience, to needing almost 100 million experience, my next wtf moment. please lower the amount of exp needed between lvl ups and balence it out, keep the amount rising at a steady pace, not massive jumps please. it makes the task daunting and difficult. also, raise the exp rate of some enemies, such as the purple moving turrets (mission 12 enemies) they are extremely hard in the low 50's, but only give 2 million exp, while the green moving people (mission 11+) are quite easy and worth 25 million exp, the blue people are worth 35 million, and the red ones are worth 65 MILLION!!! please moderate how much they are worth, as once you hit lvl 50 the people enemies are the only REAL way to lvl up.

6) fix the pause feature. ok, scenario, lets say i pause in the middle of a fight, go to another tab, then go back to my game. its NOT paused, wtf? im dead. but then, i click the game, and BOOM, it pauses! please fix this glitch, it angered me very much half a million times (especially if ive almost beaten a hard mission).

7) lower the boss of lvl 10s difficulty. his side turrets were good, no problem with them, the shield was a nice addition, made the battle challenging but still do-able. the boss' laser stops it from being good. at first the single shot is good, no problem. it doesnt get too hard until the double shot laser. its almost impossible to dodge, does too much damage, and if you do dodge it (a.k.a. hide inbetween the lasers), your left at the mercy of high damage turrets. the only reason i even beat him was i went super form (f key), went to a side of him (the sides arent protected by the shield), and beat it to death with the big laser while all of its attacks were doing 1 damage (btw, the weapons all rock. good stats and differences between upgrades. loved it).

thats all i can think of, other then that awesome game. 8/10, 4/5.

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default0 responds:

Thanks, now heres what I think:

1) yeah, Im well aware of this, and this point SUCKZ but theres no thing I can do about it without ripping away a huge part of game functionality and recoding it completely....
2) again, you're right, I thought about making shields max hp according to lvl...
3) there IS a way to earn extra health for your shield, go to the shop (after you bought ultima weapon) and buy the shield boost!
4) its not guaranteed, well, say an enemy deals 3k damage, then you get 1/4 of this damage - your defence, which causes you pretty much always to take 1 damage...
5) since I've used a formula to calculate how many exp you need for each level, I cannot really get your wtf moments out, but I can change, what those enemies give :)
6) currently you can "simply" press the button to show your status, which causes your game to pause, even if you change the tab, but Ill fix that one :)
7) its actually quite easy for me, so I cannot understand you. Most times I go to the left or right side of it and use my "q" ability and its half down, also, for me, it never dealed such a huge damage....

EDIT: And the "f" ability is called Godmode (but I dunno if its mentioned ingame)

Thanks for your nice review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game!

I think maybe you could work on your art a little bit, but apart from that, I loved the game! Nice work, and thanks for using my song.

default0 responds:

So you did play it :)
Glad you liked it as much as I liked your song, and yes, my artwork is pretty much the worst on the whole portal lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

greatest game ever

i loved everything about this game

default0 responds:

thanks lol


Rated 0 / 5 stars

FlaskMan's review

I believe what FlaskMan meant about the menus being "hard to understand" is that the cost of the second item from the top is overlapping with the word "paused", so you can't actually read it. Giving the shop its own background (like in the character panel) would help that a lot.

default0 responds:

Yeah, that game needs a few other updates also, so this one may find a place in my todo :)