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This *will* just sit and sort numbers over and over again.

I call it 'fishtank' software, because it serves the same purpose as a fish tank (to be interesting but not distracting, i.e. something to get lost in.) Other than that, there is no connection to fish or aquariums.

A distinguishing feature of fishtank software is that it highlights something computers are good at doing. Real fish tanks feature fish which do what they do best: swim. Many fish tanks are also mesmerizing and relaxing. So, fishtank software, which features computers, should do something that a computer does best. I picked sorting numbers, but I tried to make this, like fish tanks, mesmerizing and relaxing as well.

And it will sort and sort and sort.

The sorting algorithm is QuickSort. It's actually really hard to make code that will allow for the sorting algorithm to show intermediate steps. I pretty much ended up making my own emulator which would allow me to control when certain parts of the code were run. What a pain!

Oh yeah, and it also tells the time :)

This is only conceptual. Any real fishtank software would be made with C++ or something, and would make relaxing but unobtrusive sounds as well. Also, there would be more functionality than sorting random numbers. I was thinking of something along the lines of sorting the first 200 results for a random google search.

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Pretty cool

I helped this flash get into the portal, and now I decided to come back and write a review. I think that this is a different idea that could use a little work and expansion. The main things I think that could be added to this flash would be:
Color options
Other things to be sorted such as different objects or shapes

Very mezmerizing.

After taking a hiatus from NewGrounds for a while, and this being the first flash I've viewed in a while, I loved it. Very innovative use, and I'm sure if you keep messing with it, you'll find a way to put it as a desktop and whatever other visions you have for the software. I'm giving this an unusually high score for something so unique to be found on NewGrounds, but don't let that discourage. I scored you on if you accomplished your goal or not, creativity, and enjoyment. I really like this, and would love to see more of this software put to greater use. Keep tinkering with it. I'm sure you'll find new ways. Post some more on NG if you get the chance. I personally would love to see it, and possibly even use the software. Thanks for reading if you did, and stay classy.

prety cool

i kinda liked it its nice! Good job!

Danger of gazing

You really can gaze. I'd say if you put that as your desktop background, it'd be cool.

theta4 responds:

That was actually among one of my original visions for this kind of software.

You succeeded !

This is cool man. I love the idea behind it. And I was captured looking at this just the way I was captured looking at a fishtank. I also discovered a pattern, or at least, thought I did :D It seems like it's putting the elongated squares in to an order from tallest to shortest.

However, to keep it interesting even longer here are some suggestions.

1. To be able to change the colours of the elongated squares , the background and the triangles
2. Some nice, soft, background ambient music ! There is sound @ a fishtank as well, lets not forget; the sound of water streaming, splashing sometimes if fishes get agitated, the sound of the waterpump etc. Since we are dealing with computers here, natural sounds won't fit. The sounds a computer makes best are pure sine wave sounds. So create soft ambient music using pure sine waves on different frequencies only ! This is quite easy and you can create samples using NCH tone generator demo. (or ask me)
3. Create multiple modes of patterns; let the viewers choose, but do not let them know beforehand what the pattern will be. In that way it will remain a suprise.

[One question : I don't see it sorting numbers, but elongated squares. I also see three small triangles moving.]

Great flash

theta4 responds:

I have another piece of fishtank software which has little bubbles going up, making sounds as they go. It's not on Newgrounds, though. I used to have sound on this one. The farther a swap operation, the deeper the tone. It sounded like elektroplankton.

I got the idea for this when I got the idea for a huge screen wall, like 15 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Then I thought "it's going to need something for when it's not running." That's where this came from. Sticking to that original vision, I have removed sound from the movie. I did that because, well, it'd be annoying to have "beep, boop, beep" going on and on.

But you're right, it should have some sort of granular synth or something behind it which changes depending on how sorted it is.

Also, it *is* sorting numbers, but the numbers are represented in the height of a rectangle. The taller a rectangle, the bigger the number.

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4.10 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
2:09 PM EST