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White Dawn pt.1

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Damn, Newgrounds just doesnt have enough werewolf toons, it isnt really my thing but for some reason I have started this series, it originates from the animation I picked out of my teeth in 2007, Werewolf Transformation, anyway I though that it was rediculous that it had 9000 views and 45 reviews, so I though "maybe its because it has stuff to do with werewolves" thats when I started a remake, but then once I started animating it slowly turned into a story and I decided to make it one, so here it is, 7654 frames(lol)and about 230 hours of work, 24fps, the drawing style changes half way through, that is because I got my first tablet at that time.

Anyways I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review! I read and respond to them all!

:EDIT: Yeah, the credits screwed up for some reason, I dont know why but I'm trying to fix it, my internet is so bad it takes an hour to upload the .fla file but I'm working on it

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A continued improvment in your work...

Well as promised to the author its now time for me to take a look at his latest work and give a small review. This work is a lot better than the old submitted work. While the perspective of the werewolf looking straight at you still seems a little odd it is very hard to draw something like that without a lot of work on perspective so its still something I will not fault the artist on. However this brings us to the werewolf. James I hope this don't sound to harsh but one thing you might want to do is look at some real wolves and see if you can find a color pattern you might want to try and copy. The one solid color wolf while yes it can be done makes a lot of the work put into the character disappear behind a blur of darkness. When you showed the part where he looked at the cop and had the two different colored eyes was a good setting for later story material and was a break from how dark the wolf was over all. Music wise your choices were good for setting the tone to something of this nature I wouldn't have anything to say about that at all. So lets look at a breakdown:

Story: 7/10
Animation 7/10
Music 9/10
Voice 8/10

And as a few people have said and I do agree this feels a little more like a trailer with the quick movements and style this was presented. There is nothing wrong with that it allows for you to expand more later when you do more work on this. Over all as I said its a big improvement over your last work and given time I believe we will see where this story leads.

PS. Now that you have a tablet your next work should keep to the one style of art. While the change isn't completely drastic it is noticeable enough that it throws off the feel a little but its something that is learned and going back redoing a lot of art can be a hard feeling. So I wouldn't worry too much about it. Looking forward to the next one.

-Asheru Wolf

It could've been better.

The person who wrote the review before me is right in some aspects, This is more of a trailer than anything else. It's a bit short, so I can't glean much of what is happening. The animation was pretty good, the transformation was very interesting to watch, and everything happened at a good speed. You might want to have your voice actors speak a bit louder, seeing as I had to listen really hard to make out what they were saying. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.

Dead2Animations responds:

My teacher alsways told me quality not quantity, but I see a lot of people seen to prefer it the other way around, I can see the length of this and the way it is done makes it look like a trailer, I can see how I can change that and I will for the next episode, thanks for review


Opening statements:

Your story seemed more like a trailer to me than anything else, and it was slightly confusing in some parts. I would like to see this expanded further with more plot if you make another one, and possibly some back story on Jack; as it is I don't even know why he's a werewolf or why I should care. Fix that.


~Your animation is inconsistent, some of it is great and some of it is... not bad but definitely questionable. This should be avoided as much as possible.

~I rather liked the transformation scene, it is very well done in my opinion and it sort of blends a first person approach with a third person approach. Very interesting indeed.


~The music really helped with the atmosphere of your flash and at times was essential. However, you have your music too loud when people are trying to talk.

~Another problem is the quality of your vocals. Some are hard to understand, especially when the music is over riding them.

~Sound effects in this flash are pretty good. Nothing bad about them; actually they're pretty good.


Work on your story telling skills more, and have fun making a series.


Hi, Dead2Animations.
You made a great video and thank for using my music! =D
10/10->5/5-> fav+

Dead2Animations responds:

Haha! Thank YOU for letting me use your music, I really think you have talent and when I listen to your music I'm blown away, I hope you keep coming out with tracks because I love using them, oh and call me James ^.^


Your sense of timing and atmosphere has MASSIVELY improved since some of your earlier work, and your drawing skills are improving too! Good luck on your future projects, i'll be watching out for them!

Dead2Animations responds:

You can watch! but you can not touch! or else robotnik will pay you a visit........thanks for the review....