King Dragonfly

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This is a hand-drawn flash animation about a dragonfly, King Dragonfly. He grows on each trip down the underground mazes on his cylindrical elevator until finally he grows wings and flies away, turning the planet 3 dimensional (symbolizing things becoming real). It is meant to reflect on how through travel we grow up and get a bigger perspective.
The music is by an awesome electronic artist called Susumu Yokota and the song is called King Dragonfly. I actually imagined this clip while listening to the song on a plane and reproduced what I day dreamed as closely as possible in a series of pastel drawings (yes, it was all yellow colored) and those drawings are the basis of this animation.
I hope you enjoy King Dragonfly!
Also, a big shout out to anyone watching from Australia!



But, FYI; dragon flies dont start off as caterpillers

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Simply enchanting. Multiple layers of symbology intertwined with an interesting mix of characterization. I didn't get all of it, but then again I suppose that's a good thing - anything you can unravel in 5 minutes or less is too blatant for my tastes. ;-)

Incredibly original!

A very interesting concept on how to interpret growing up, the wisdom that comes with age and the experience.

I really liked your animation, though your music got annoying after a while though and made it a bit tiresome to follow the rest of the movie, but I still watched it from start to finish, and I still liked it.

Not much else to say very well done! Two thumbs up.

P.S I'm watching from Australia ^^

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3.32 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
7:01 AM EST