The Old Restaurant

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This was just a small project to help progress in flash skills and animation/drawing skills.

I really hope you enjoy it, although It is not perfect and is only a short movie clip.

I did put a fair amount of time into this so I hope it was worth your time.

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I did not expect a musician such as yourself--let alone Cross 666 and Xarnor--to be contributing to flash animation. Personally, I don't upload animation test onto the Portal, but I'm not going to hold that against you.

Visuals: This felt like one of those really old animations that draw themselves crossed with an old vector game. I also like the perspective and composition that was also used in this, which is something that is coming from somebody who knows jack shit about the latter. Plus, I liked how you colored the sky, but the bushes were badly shaded. (You should study the some Super NES RPG graphics to see how it's done.)
Music: There aren't any sound effects, but it didn't need any. However, the music used was a perfect fit; even though we don't know if you or someone else made it. The only major gripe is that it doesn't end after the animation ends, you should have streamed it rather than setting it to event.
Content: Original, I'll give it that, and it doesn't try to be something that it's not. However, something like this shouldn't be over seven megabytes, which I have a problem with.

What I do like:
-Nice style
-Great music
-Good art and animation

What I don't like:
-Needlessly huge filesize
-The music doesn't stop when the movie ends.
-The bushes are badly shaded.

Overall: Here's an eight from me Box-Killa, and keep practicing.

*leans back, with arms folded, reclined*

After your flash was over, I found myself, BK---------->
leaning back, my eyes closed, listening to the rest of this amazing jazzcapades. I heard a bit of a Frank Sinatra song in there. I thought I picked up on a Christmas song or two. To be honest with you, Man, I heard a lot of songs in there. *rubs my eyes* It's late though and I'm sleepy. Or maybe it was just a jam out, montage, compilation or what have you. Either way, your flash was really beautiful. Slow, forming, changing, constant, fluid. Good stuff, Man, as always. I do get excited about cross training talents too. Just like the fella below me, so wonderfully stated. Hey Saint! *looks down below waves and smiles*
PUH-LEASE let me know when you have another flash out, BK.
Me rikey.

...........................Take care, be good and "swing upon the stars".period

pretty good

who is the music by?

i thought it was going to go on more and more and get more detailed, but it kinda just stops out of the blue

also, the colors should be more real, i mean i dont see many diners that are that color xD

pretty good man, keep it up

It's always great to see an Audio dude...

...attacking Flash Animating. Good job, of course it wasn't the BEST, but it's a very good piece of work which makes you feel warm inside. Good job. Work on your skills more.

Good stuff

I enjoyed it

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4.50 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
1:09 AM EST