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Hellami episode 1

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Episode 2 of Hellami is out already. Go see it!

You can know more about the HELLAMI Animated Series here - www.choo5d.com/series

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It's original in all the wrong places

Basically, you were playing with a lot of things that you didn't have the knowledge to execute properly. You were playing with camera angles, complex cinematography, and nonstandard action sequences, when you didn't understand what made the standard ones work. Tradition is there for a reason, which is that it has been honed and perfected to make something that is aesthetically pleasing. Original work that truly works is work that has already understood the traditional, and can understand when to do things by the book.

To give an example, the shot involving the battle gives no perspective shots. It's all close ups or extreme close ups, without anything to give us a true sense of place. That can work, if you have a proper narrative reason for it, but there's no reason not to show us the area. It's not dramatic, it's visually confusing. Another thing is that the dialogue during the conversation is completely weird.

As for the unoriginality, the characters are bland cardboard cutouts, and the character designs are textbook anime knockoffs. The scene in what I assume is a church is a pretty much direct pull from the beginning of the first Hellsing, except without the narrative depth.

Now to talk about the animation: During the walking scene, the perspective was way off, and the character looked like it was going at a snail's pace, way too slow for even a slow walk, due to the speed of the candles. The individual movements were choppy and messy, with most of the movement work being done by amateurish shot splicing. Too little was shown during the splicing, and the sound work did not deliver the atmosphere it should have.

During the talking scene, the character's did not move naturally enough, but as there wasn't actually much animation being done during that, there's not much to talk about. However, after she starts walking, the animation begins to turn to cliché "Alternative" shots that don't work as well as a regular shot would work. Especially the perspective shift shot fell flat, as the perspective was WRONG. The shots themselves were too short to get a gist of what was going on, and the action never really gets off the ground.

On the plus side for the animation, the animation of the walking past the corpse and the shadow moving on the face of the woman, those worked very well, and they show that you can do good looking animation.

As for the final piece, the sound design:
It wasn't subtle at all, in that it made itself present in all the scenes where it needed to be good. The voices weren't all that good, and the lines that are given for them to say are so abysmal, I was convinced the script was written by a middle schooler. Half of animation is good sound design, and if you can't do sound design, you get someone who can do it. It's that simple.

So overall: it was a distinctively amateurish piece, trying to do something original with something unoriginal, and it obviously took a lot of time to do, and that's why I'm giving it this much of my time to give it an honest opinion. I suggest that the author works hard at discovering the basics of moving image works, and go for something that is his own style, instead of a ripoff of an anime.

This is a good, dedicated try at being professional, but it's just that, and it shows.

(PS. The interactive camera could be done well, but it needs to be done with intention. The camera has always existed to direct our experience through a piece, using the artist's eye to dictate what we can and cannot see. Being able to mess with that is interesting, and I wouldn't discount it at all, but be aware of everything that you do with a piece, and the effects that it could have.)

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I noticed Hellsing similariites as well, but seeing as quite a bit of it can also be taken from so many other animes unless you start completely mimicking charecters and writing i dont see a problem.So far, I dont think it took much writing wise from it as i found the dialog to be inconsistant in quality ( the biginning in the church was well spoken and timed, but i found the scene in the office to be slow and odd in phrasing and timing).Hope to see some interesting development in the series.

Inspired by?!

The content, for what was original, was pretty good. The characters seem to be fairly well thought out for the most part... I've read and watched a lot of hellsing though, and the similarities are borderline copyright infringement... If this was a written piece of work it would be considered plagiarism!

The priest at beginning, the character who looks strikingly like Alexander Anderson, even the fact that her name, much like Alucard is Dracula, is Hell am I makes me feel like you really got caught up in the world of Hellsing.

Please, for the sake of everyone, if you are going to make any more of these, root it in things that go beyond that of one show... otherwise, people will continue to complain and your own personal experience/imagination/story telling skills will be subverted.

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nicely done

...but if I'm not mistaken, wasn't this already submitted a while ago??


i like how you handle your stuff, but will you be able to pull a decent anime fight?

that is the big question, till then, ill say this ones perfect so far and ill give you my fives

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