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Hey Newgrounds - this is a two level demo of my new shareware game VVVVVV!



My brother bought the game (no-credit card myself >.> so i payed him 15$ upfront). I played and beat it.

Everything was great, excellent platformer that keeps a veteran gamer interested.
Controls are very responsive.
Game play is very fun & challenging
The 2 intermission levels we're awesome/brainscratching
Final level doesn't disappoint
Not much more I can obviously say than "I like the part where he walks on the ceiling >.>"

(Cons... more like gripes)
3/20 Orbs are damn near impossible to get. I actually had to turn on invinsible mode to get these.
Orb 1. The endless maze area (GREEN) with the pac-man fish, I could just make it to the orb and get killed everytime right before reaching it.
Orb 2. Bottom right of the yellow area... You cheeky fuckah. You put this thing right in front of me and leave a small block to keep me from walking straight to it + a sign saying "No one will get this one". Forcing me to go up through 7 rooms with spikes everywhere and narrow exits, FLIP AT THE TOP, AND GO BACK THROUGH THAT MESS *breathe*. It's my way of saying 'Thanks for invinsibility mode'.
Orb 3. Ok, now I know you hate people who don't cheat. It's a pixel bounce in the BLUE area to a hidden are no one would think to go to if they didn't want to die over and over 1000 times. You've convinced me that the side quest is either sadistic or a tribute to insanity. :D
The rest were fair and achieveable.

The mini-game. Turn down the level of rape-diffculty and people may survive more that 10 seconds of it.
No-death mode is an elitest thing.

That pretty much covers it.
$15 is worth the hour and 35 minute playthrough and the 4 hours of completing the 2 other play modes/multiple timed runs and mini-game. (realisticly 2-3 hour average play through)

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nice game!

very good!will you make the full version?

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WOW! Unvelievable!

Wow, that game is awesome! Can´t wait till the full game comes out! 10/10


Outstanding, a real professional-level game)

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2010
7:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other