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Hey Newgrounds - this is a two level demo of my new shareware game VVVVVV!


Game was Good... but not buying it

I'm sure you put a lot of effort in this game, and you do deserve to earn with it... But not like this. You see, your game was pretty good, but not that good as to be bought. In fact, very few flash-based games have succeeded like this.
Instead, there are other ways to make profit of your game, maybe put some Ads in the preloader or inside the game sometimes, i'm sure can make a lot of money with ads, because your game is good, you do deserve it, but I think i talk for everyone when I tell you noone (or very few peopler) are really going to buy it.
Make it an ad-supported game, and if your game really get popular, you might as well make a Console version, maybe wii-ware or something.
But the way it is now, I find it very difficult for you to make any money with it like that.

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Spectacular concept! Very challenging at a lot of points, kept me on my toes. I can't wait for the full version!

The music


Very nice game

I've read about this game a blog, and have wanted to try it out for a long time (alas, i could not play the beta for free, and dislike paying - lol).
Having tried it, I must say I really liked it. The challanges were hard, but not too hard and having played each a few times you were bound to get it right, also, the high amount of checkpoints makes it easier, since you're able to save your progress when a challange is overcome.

The music in the game is also very enjoyable, and I usually mute about 19 out of 20 games i play, however, I didn't in this case.

Thumbs up for a great game! :)

good game but too hard

and most bits its fun but when you get to a hard bit and cant do it it just gets fustrating and annoying and you fell like youve wasted your time i still like the bits i can do lol

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2010
7:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other