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Hey Newgrounds - this is a two level demo of my new shareware game VVVVVV!


Great Game

I've also purchased and can tell you it's well worth the money.

For a 2 man job to produce what ends up being a good couple of hours of content, you guys deserve something for all your time. While the kids can cry and moan that $15 is "WAY TOO MUCH!!!" I hope that some people will decide to pay you for the game. Just think of it as an investment into all the great games you'll make in the future! BTW, thanks for being trusting and making this shareware, I have some friends who lost their jobs, but would love a platformer like this to take their mind off of it.

Nice flash game.

And even for a free flash game this would by far not be one of the best. There are so many GREAT free flash games like Newgrounds Rumble, Alien homind many of the Armor games company games, Meat boy, and the list goes on...

So many great games, totally for free. I am sorry, your game is good, but those other games are way out of your league! By FAR. Gameplay + Graphics. And we do not pay a cent for them. Nothing.

So here is my point: What do you think is so great about your game that makes it worth 15 $? Its nothing but walking left, right, upside down or not upside down. The pixel graphic makes it unique for some retro gamers i guess, but it was really lazy made, not even to mention the characters you play. Those looked a bit like Mind Fcuk, but they were by far not as well made. The game doesnt have awesome physics, gameplay nor any special effects, graphics. Not anything that makes it special. Not even good.

I will NOT believe you if you tell me you really think that people are going to buy the game. I guess you just need to make some cash. Well we all got money problems, but this is just exploit. pure exploit. This game isnt worth one buck. But the full version would be welcomed on newgrounds even if it wouldnt even nearly be as good as most of the games submitted to this popular Flash site.

And finally, i am sorry but, charging 15$ for this game is pathetic!

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Very very very very....

very very good (a very for each v) fluid motions, great puzzles and design, and the feeling of it being hard, and also somehow not hard. I love this game, but by the looks of the reviews id have to buy it, im not, I never buy fucking flash games online. Its stupid, not even an hour of game play im guessing for 15 bucks!? Im not cheap, im smart.

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this is an awesome but trippy experience for any gamer

Very nice game

I can't give you a 10 because its a demo.
Like suggested before, you should rather look into the option of advertising.

The game itself is great and challenging. Where some parts are easy, some are very hard. I love games that push us to our limits.

For the game itself its a 10/10. For hosting a demo i give you an 8/10.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2010
7:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other