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Hey Newgrounds - this is a two level demo of my new shareware game VVVVVV!


great demo

Although it did get frustrating at a few points, it was still fun, the one problem i had with it is that it doesnt change frames fast enough, so i hit spikes before i can even see them.
Otherwise its a well put together game, oh and if the spikes are recessed then you wont die if you walk on the first spike a little bit, but that happens with a lot of puzzle games.



$15? Hell yes I'm buying this! It'd be awesome if you ported this as an XBLA or PSN release too. A game like this deserves some exposure! Cool graphical style, amazing music, challenging but fair gameplay... big name developers should play this and take notes.

Great game!

Seems like an awesome game and well worth the purchase, and the insanely easy gameplay mixed with some really hard challenges make this a fantastic game.
--- reason its a 9?
No reason in getting "trinkets" in a demo... I wasted my time on 3 of them, but then I stopped because I realized there was no point in getting them as they're ment for the full game.

Pretty cool demo

Theres no way in hell I'm buying the full thing though.

Who knew gravity could be this fun

It's an addicting game with authentic challenges. The level design is well thought and well put together. I enjoyed the names of each chamber and you had me laughing by the time I reached "I'm Sorry". This game makes frustration part of the fun and I'm surprised to say I enjoyed failing as much as I did succeeding. My only gripe is that it's the demo, but a game that you put this much effort into deserves a price tag. Cheers!

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4.36 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2010
7:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other