Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex

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The very first fully motion captured flash animation.

This baby was 15 years in the making...well, it felt like it.

I wanted to make this due to the fact it bugged me in the movie that Jake managed to nail Neytiri with little to no knowledge of Na'vi mating practices. I mean, I'm assuming it's pretty similar, but considering they have magic hair veins that connect with nature, there's obviously some pretty big anatomical differences...

Wow, there's people starving in Ireland and it's stuff like THAT which keeps me up at night.


Happy Harry


Lol, he came prematurely.

I especially liked the part about the soup drinkers.


this was one of the most hilarious and amazing things i think i've ever seen on newgrounds or possibly the whole internet!

Explicit, Awkward, Lewd. Kiss Me I Love It!

My only hang-is that this should be rated M for Mature, not T for Teen. The end scene is downright adult material, regardless of the utensils involved. Essentially, the mature sexual themes transcend a paltry Teen rating, which suggests things without directly depicting them. Even if the action happens outside of the camera shot, the fluids appear rather overtly near the end. Other than the argument towards an accurate content advisory, "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex" is hilarious to a fault.

I say fault because Happy Harry could have gotten a lady to perform these voice-overs. What's the deal? Must she sound perfectly alike, or was the script that racy and no there were no takers, period? Maybe Harry wanted it aired quicker and organized for himself to play both roles, just to stay topical with the movie still in theaters. Unfortunately, any listener can tell that the same thespian performs both roles, and while it might sound cheeky at first, it eventually detracts from the cartoon. I have flashbacks of listening to some of Stamper's old recordings and cartoons in his audio and flash catalogs. Trust me, that isn't a compliment.

It is difficult to pull off a single actor performing a conversation, unless the voices themselves sound very, very different. As an aspirant voice-over thespian myself, I can imagine very few situations where this technique is acceptable. Suppose I borrowed from 8-Bit Theater, how voice-overs depicted Black Mage, work with that voice, and add a super-heroic and egotistical voice for Red Mage, which needs to sound cheesy, borderline operatic, very bombastic and arrogant, to properly contrast with Black Mage's sibilant, snide rasp. Black Mage would also be masked with a few metallic effects thrown in for good measure, but other than that, I could have a conversation with myself regarding how Dr. Doom owns Batman. If I attempted to perform a White Mage and Black Mage conversation, or worse, a Red Mage and White Mage conversation, I would pencil myself in for an unexpected visit with the angel of death.

So... like I'm one to talk!

The cartoon is well animated, with tight shots of each character's complexion. It is less about the background (also well-done, enough for one to suspect its true origin, whether or not the author drew it or not) and more about the absurdity of alien sex, and of the apparent absurdity of the movie's plot. It's simple, short, sweet, and full of awkwardness, like entering a brave new world. Such is the case with any sexuality, if you really look at it.

In all, this constitutes living proof that Happy Harry Partridge practically deserves the honor of that miserable crank Ry putting all of his material onto YouTube illegally. Maybe one or two more cartoons like this and, to similar extent, that "Misinterpretive Porn Star" cartoon can coax some gals from the Voice Actors' Club to say, "Hey jackass, we heard you do bad impersonations of women. Mind if we help out?" That's probably a better fate than listening through Stamper's "Dick Clubbin'" and trying real hard not to laugh... because you just can't do it. Likewise, you can't not laugh during "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex", either.


I love this man lol, very revolutionary. Wouldn't want it that way though xP

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that was funny as shit. all the way thrue. the look on her face when she played the flute almost killed me.

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