Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex

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The very first fully motion captured flash animation.

This baby was 15 years in the making...well, it felt like it.

I wanted to make this due to the fact it bugged me in the movie that Jake managed to nail Neytiri with little to no knowledge of Na'vi mating practices. I mean, I'm assuming it's pretty similar, but considering they have magic hair veins that connect with nature, there's obviously some pretty big anatomical differences...

Wow, there's people starving in Ireland and it's stuff like THAT which keeps me up at night.


Happy Harry


I doubt cell recombination with neurons

Sorry for the serious tone in my review, trying to defend nature on film.

They probably could have intimate fun that way, but really? Would the hair suffice for genetic exchange? It is clear that the Na'vi have DNA and thus use quite large molecules as information carriers. So, a really good flash that in one way could have benefited from a female voice actor.

Ahkahk: If you are for real, there's a LOT of better ways to change your life. Also, how could a parody change how anyone feels about the movie? People aren't that easily swayed.

Remember, procreating is the prime goal for any living cell. If you are a eukaryote, it comes with the job as an organism to try to mate. Love would then be a collective term for the states of chemical levels in humans (or any being if you bend like that) that encourage getting the most fit offspring. We are certainly feeling stuff we do, because it makes our offspring better than others' in some way. Millions of years of selection deemed recombination (mating) a good way to escape Müller's ratchet (look it up) and thus we fall in love (and want to mate) with specimens that would give us the best offspring. Love is wonderful since it is thus scientifically the meaning of life. Never think easy of it, and always trust your feelings.

By the way, I really liked the six limb paradigm in the film. They kept it quite consequent together with the linking stuff. Actually, I'm most surprised the na'vi lost one pair along the way. One can't help as to wonder why...


soup drinker? and second pair of lips for playing music! cool. what's so life changing about avatar? Try to be less feminine gayhkahk, maybe that could change your life.

dude, it's just a movie

it's not even funny anymore how seriously some people are taking avatar. it's fucking pocahontas in space, and even if it looks like real life, it's not. because it's A MOVIE.

Now in terms of this, the animation is great and although the concept isn't that original (i thought about the same thing too when i saw it!) you did a much better job then most would do bringing it to life and making it hilarious. :)


Absolute fucking genius good sir.

Oh my fucking god.

I can take they dont have "human" sex. But second pair of lips used for music?
also, how the fuck did he do come with his hair? eeeehhh

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Jan 13, 2010
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