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Meteorite Squirrel

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Here it is, my second flash submission to NG. It's a bit short, but it contains an adorable squirrel, so I'll assume that's okay :) I've tried to improve my animation skills from my last submission, even though this one doesn't contain all that complicated animations. Also, do not judge me from the Deleted Scene please, it's just there for fun :)

Thanks to the talented composers of the Audio Portal, without them this would have been much worse!

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I love how you included the squirrel the way you did! I figured youd be one of those mean people who would have made the squirrel catch on fire, but instead he just got scared away! I also love how you added the little drum and symbol audio at the end. Surprise ending strabge but good! Keep up the good work!

RandomStar responds:

Why thank you! Yes, I know there's a lot of people on newgrounds that likes setting cute things on fire (or doing even worse things to them), but I'm into a more innocent kind of humor. The drum and cymbal effects was actually recorded by myself with my electric drumset, so I'm pleased that you liked it^^

haha funny

pretty random the meteorite saying "hello!" and the squirrel running away, that was funny. the music when the meteorite is going to crash was really good but the music when the squirrel approaches to it, I feel it's not the best. The animation is simple but it looks pretty fine for me. the deleted scene very random too. good job for a beginner.

RandomStar responds:

Thank you! I suppose you can always find better music, but I wanted a jazz piece for the squirrel's approach so this was what I found. Nice that you like the other music at least!


Cute and simple. Definitely didn't expect the meteorite to do what it did. LOL Very good flash for a beginner! Hope to see more little amusements like this from you!

RandomStar responds:

It's a surprise ending :) And thank you very much, I hope to make more little amusements as well, the response I got on this movie definately inspired me :)


The animation wasn't perfect, but it made me laugh alot! Thanks for making my day better! : )

RandomStar responds:

I know about the animation, I tried my best though and I personally think it served it's purpose well enough. But thank you, I'm glad that I made you're day better, that's the best review any animator can get I think^^