Bazooka Battle

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Bazooka shooting game, 3 different weapons, 6 different levels.

Not one of our best games and doesn't have as good finishing as the previous game, it has room for improvement, would be great if we can have some volunteers to help us beta test our future games currently in production. So we can increase the quality of the gameplay before it is released. If anyone's interested in taking part? please leave a details below.


A few points for next time.

Next time,after I get a direct hit,dont reset the aims because that just makes shit hard. Also, I strongly agree with Tainted-trixter on all of his points,just felt like I should add. If you improve those things,it would be a great game. Its good,but the flaws are kind of painful.

This game didn't suck so bad

Good actually, reminded me of worms. I would like to help with testing, but don't want to leave my email here. Message me on newgrounds to get my information

Shows promise

This game is very basic. the game delivers fun for about a half an hour at most. there are a few updates that could make this game better. Things like explosion effects. adding a little graphical update here a there this game could be very good.

Was alright

I killed one guy, then the other fired at me, hit the hill in front of me and both my guys slid off and died. That was kind of aggravating. It's more fun when you're trading blows to take off HPs. Get rid of the falling off thing and it would be better in my opinion.


Those are some damn heavy bazooka rockets.

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2.87 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2010
11:33 AM EST
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