Bazooka Battle

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Bazooka shooting game, 3 different weapons, 6 different levels.

Not one of our best games and doesn't have as good finishing as the previous game, it has room for improvement, would be great if we can have some volunteers to help us beta test our future games currently in production. So we can increase the quality of the gameplay before it is released. If anyone's interested in taking part? please leave a details below.

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Those are some damn heavy bazooka rockets.

A few points for next time.

Next time,after I get a direct hit,dont reset the aims because that just makes shit hard. Also, I strongly agree with Tainted-trixter on all of his points,just felt like I should add. If you improve those things,it would be a great game. Its good,but the flaws are kind of painful.

has a massive glitch

i shot the guy and he falls back but always gets up just befor the edge and when he shoots me i keep falling back and ends up falling of the edge
o and make it more realistic plz fix glitch


Not so hot, a few things that I think could be improved upon/changed are:

1. You slide around way too much, as another person had said I had both units slide off of their ground from a shot that didn't even hit them.

2. Damage, though it is okay to get damaged from knocking into each other the damage should be minimal (i.e. you shouldn't loose a third of your life because someone hits into you). On those same lines there shouldn't be a single hit kill weapon (unless you make headshots or something), in the last level I killed all three enemies with a single shot, great for me, but bad for gameplay.

3. Yes, the enemies are dumb, but at the same time they should have the same number of special shots as you do. The whole thing with them constantly lobbing bombs and grenades at you (which as I mentioned can take out an entire squad quite easily) kind of sucks.

4. When you have multiple units they should be cycled through each turn (on both sides) rather than having one unit fire untill he dies).

5. It is always nice to have some indicator (like a number) to allow you to track the power of the shots, in lieu of that you end up doing exactly what I did which was 100% power all the time and just modifying the angle (which it is nice to have an indicator for as well).

6. Those things aside, graphically you could use some more explosions (as another had said) and little tweaks like the rear outgassing, things like that, or work on how the players move/feel. It also doesn't hurt to add humorous quips to the players text (what the bazooka guy is saying) especially untill it is polished enough to feel more serious.

7. I also don't especially like the falling off instant death, perhaps changing thigns to make it more of a landscape (and make it so you can't do straight across shots.

I think that is plenty to get you going. Despite the problems it was kind of fun to play so I will give you a 5/10...


this sucks....

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2.35 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2010
11:33 AM EST
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