Madness Tribute Quickie

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Do not vote low due to this flash being a madness thing.
Do not vote low because of lack of sound!

I toy around with flash alot at skl, n as a result, my mates hav been buggering me 2 animate something. I hav lots of unfinished files (soon to be deleted) and hav constantly been moaned at for not doing them. One friend, Justin (pikey bert(not his last 2 names btw)) asked me 2 put him in one, so i edited this charater using the many, many, many sprite sheets i own, and, halfway though, i thought fck it, n now the character is a soon to be hero when i can inclue sound in my animations.

I will edit this commentry box if (and i mean if!) it passes judgement, and will answer any F.A.Q's below.

TY, Ali25.

Edit - it got thru? OMFG!!! xD thanks everyone and anyone who voted! And btw, thanks to....

- Krinkels, who came up with the entire concept of madness and was my primary inspiration
- All those amazing animators who had a shot at madness making, also giving me inspiration (LLL, delamortes, Erexsis (did i get that right?) and others...)
- Nezman, for providing easy access to sprites
- Tazers (the only one i can remember, sorry to the rest of you >.<") for creating the pre mentioned sprites
- And Flash, for making all of this possible :P


Not bad

Despite any choppiness, the walking was geat. Overall, its real short, but I noticed that you're still an ameture at this...

lol the faces XD

I don't know but madness don't need to be always violent.It can be funny too.I see this like a new opening for the next generations of madness.Maybe it has no sounds but hey seriously guys it's his first video.Let him learn a little.I can't even do better than this and I don't think you guys can do so just enjoy the video!Oh and congratulations for this funny video I really enjoyed.

Ali25 responds:

You sir, are a legend.

I was planning to add to this, but couldn't be asked.

Also, reading my authors comments box, I feel retarded. ):


Yes it needs to be longer, have sound and maybe some other things. But that doesnt mean you guys apart from like one have to be fkn fags. Last time i checked you wernt a flash critic, so jump off you high horse and gtfo

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A few things

First off you may want to put a little more thought into things before you submit them. Secondly, the animation was over-all good a sleek, but you need to learn how they walk, there are some good tutorials out there. Sorry walking is kind-of my pet peeve if you will.

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Ali25 responds:

goddamn walking xD
I did attempt a bit at the start, gave up, and let him slide along (:D) and a step back, but i generally hate the feet, even after looking at the tuts, however, i hav done a few (half decent) walking cycles, and as u can see, it is also, "Experimental", as well as being my 1st flash.
Thanks for the citisizum (cant spell >.<") and such tho :)

It's more of an insult than a tribute..

Putting in the stupid facial expressions and having your retarded friend drive a truck through the screen and you writing "lol" on the screen is just stupid and more of an insult to Madness than anything else. This was too short to even be worth watching. Next time make it worthwhile and don't ruin it with your attempts at comedy, they just fail.
So with all this in mind, you get a 1 for attempting something.. Well, sort of attempting.

Ali25 responds:

I find the fact u think it an insult when there are other submissions that take the piss more quite funny actually, and its a short, thats the point, its meant to be short, the faciacl expressions r MEANT to be stupid ,Im working on stuff anyway, and this is my 1st, so thanks for going easy. =_=

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Jan 12, 2010
11:33 AM EST