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Daily 3rd? Shit, thanks for the support guys!

What? I'm still doing flash? Yeah, the last time I finished or submitted anything here was almost two years ago. School's a bitch, I had no motivation and I was just plain lazy. I've been working on other things recently.
But here we have Comments Appreciated. This idea's been on my mind since like 2008, but never actually did it. It felt kind of refreshing to use Flash once again. Let's see what you think!

Runtime: 2 minutes (Yeah, short as hell, I'm sorry. I hope you can handle it.)

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Really like this,dude.Although it has simple animation,it still had that movie-like scenario.Also love the KIMB song at the credits,I'm a megafan and just a little Megadeth in NG will be appreciated.

So true!!

Youtube can be SUCH a cruel place especially if you're new and don't have many subscribers. I've found myself in more or less the same situation as your character after uploading a video. Luckily in NG things are much better off where people actually care enough to leave a review to appreciate your work or atleast offer constructive criticism whereas Youtube is such a popularity game these days... makes me sick!

Overall funny Flash and wonderful theme! I voted 5 and giving you a 10/10 review score!!

Joonza responds:

Thanks man! Yea, I think the biggest problem in YouTube is that it's hard to get views unless it's some popular subject. For example, if you're like a really talented musician, and you post your own music on there, your videos get barely any views. You should be able to see all the most recent videos on the frontpage, or something.
But thanks for the 10! :)


My little brother is like this. He SO badly wants to be the next "David After Dentist" or "Numa Numa"... lol

Joonza responds:

Hah, :D Thanks for the comment, and the 10. :)

it was ok

the ending was funny cuz he still didnt get anything lol.

Haha, Damn

I know how that is, just waiting around to see something, and then you get the lamest shit when something finally does happen. I did really enjoy the background music. Quite nice.