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This is a beta version, so instead of leaving hateful comments please tell me what needs improvement. Thanks.

Press and hold the left and right arrow keys, then click an object to rotate it.

EDIT- This is now beta 2 I changed a few things, you can now use the cars, the big blood splat now goes under everything, and I also added a few more white hands.


Hmmm... needs more.

3) NEEDS MORE VARIATIONS OF PARTS (outfits, weapons, faces, muzzle-flash etc.)
4) Also, your cars come in two pieces, which is a little awkward.

Try having a whole bunch of soldier variants, like Madness 19th century army uniforms, WWI, WWII, etc. Just because they look cool.
Also, I absolutely love the inclusion of the new 45. ACP Submachinegun.
Get more imaginative- Fantasy swords would be epic, along with maybe some ultra-high-tech weapons. That or Covenant Plasma Rifles. Or both.
Try to make it that the items that go onto the background FIRST stay BEHIND the items that go onto the background AFTER. I can't make them dual-wield because the left hand weapon (when facing right) overlaps the right-hand weapon. (And vice-versa.)

Basically, fix a few bugs and the UPSCALE EVERYTHING!
*more weapons
*more outfits
*more effects
*more music options
*more background options
more space

Try to make it that there is so MUCH stuff that you could never possibly cram it all on screen, unless you use a panel system that you click on a box on the side of the screen, it slides onto the screen to reveal everything in it's category, click the box again to close it, and have a box for everything (weapons, effects, outfits, corpses, etc.)
That's all I can think of for now. ~117

XRoadKillX responds:

DUDE, this is a Madness Combat 5.5 Scene Creator all of that stuff IS NOT IN MADNESS COMBAT 5.5 learn to read.

Very Good

Great idea will bring some creativity to the madness fans but it badly needs a rotate and delete tool

XRoadKillX responds:

There is rotate, and why would you need a delete tool? just drag it away.

Constructive critisim comming at ya.

I waited there for a second looking at a white box wondering what was 6.7 and had no visible preloader. Then it popped up right when I was about to give up on waiting. Preloaders are a must! When your file size is that big it can be one of the biggest make-or-break points of your flash. You don't want to keep your audience waiting wondering what is going on.

The idea is unoriginal, I don't know the countless madness dress up games that I've seen in my years here at NG. They all tend to look the same, the only thing that changes is the detail in the artwork. Even then, with madness characters you can only do so much due to the lacking nature of detail in the original madness characters.

You are very good at drawing these madness characters and weapons, and you are not a bad animator in the least. Your coding skills look decent, and I would like to see your artwork move to something more original. You should be designing things that people will want to duplicate, not the other way around. :D

Good luck in the future, I hope to see your improvements!


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still good

they're still good

but i would like to know where you got all of these


Du bør lage en play-knappen slik at du kan se hva spilleren opprettet, men ellers bra:)

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Jan 11, 2010
6:18 AM EST
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