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v2.0 is up bitches

Added the couple of peops I missed. SORRY ahintofmidnight!! You're in now!!

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1136344/

song is remix of Sequoia Throne by Protest The Hero

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i'm in it! holy shit 1 billion stars

Poor execution, & mostly forgettable art.


I like the idea of the collab, as I feel the concept of seeing what art people can come up with using ms paint is pretty cool.

Sadly the execution was really sloppy, & lazy, you didn't even have a jump to a specific picture option. The drawings themselves ranged from cool, to god awful.

The music was alright, but not to everyones tastes so you should have included a mute button, or additional track.

Still this could be a good submission, if more effort was put into it, so should you decide to have another stab at it down the line with the recommended changes, I would be interested in seeing how it turns out.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

DaveCoulierClock responds:

Too bad none of us requested your opinion. derp derp

Too fast

The quality of the images changes very often. Some of the pictures look very nice and detailed while others are just some boring stick figures. There are even some very unoriginal ones in there like the "FFFFFFFUUUUU-"-face.

Also the slideshow moves really fast; sometimes there isn't even enough time to look at the whole picture before it moves on to the next. I think some buttons (play/pause, forward, backward) would really help out here.

{ Review Request Club }

Not really edited enough

To be honest, it's a low quality slideshow that doesn't even come with buttons to speed up or slow down the images that you flick through. Granted, some of them are of such memorable quality that I can't be bothered to give individual artists pointers on how to improve their works. It might be a combination of factors, considering that some were possibly drawn badly intentionally, while others were like that due to a lack of talent.

I think that in order to improve the piece, start by getting a standard set higher than you've currently got on show. Once you've got that, a little additional work on your part for the programming side would help seal your part of the deal, by having options for 3 songs from the Audio Portal of different genres, topped off with an advance and back button, so each image can be looked at in greater detail, if needed. Finally, make links to each of the profiles, in order to round it out and you'll have a much better finished product.

[Review Request Club]


I thought it was cool to see all of the images in that thread here but the fact that it was just MS paint and some people made a stick with a larg penis bugged me.

The art was OK but mainly bad since people with no art skills were in this Collab.

I don't think you put much effort into this if you just gathered all of the pictures from the thread and made a slideshow but what would really be good, is a pause button and a button to just go onto the next picture instead of it doing it itself.

I would of entered this thread if I knew people would be making a collab out of it and I think I should be in the next one.

Overall this was OK but you should have picked the ones you really liked and chose those because some of it was a waste of my time but I guess it is OK so there you go.

(Review Request Club)

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4.55 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2010
11:33 PM EST