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Ohhhh boy, this game. This here game. This. Game. Whoah jeez, this game.

First off, if you don't have awesome amounts of patience, you're better off somewhere else. This game takes a lot of dedication to beat. You're a snail. What do you expect?

This game was originally made for a competition on the "Longest Lasting Game" but I didn't win anything. Of course I didn't win anything when I'm going up against famous developers and major corporations with a whole damned TEAM of developers. I'm just one dude!

Well, here you go: one heaping plate of SNAIL. Don't worry, you'll level up and gain upgrades. Sorta.

Theres no music. Add your own soundtracks! While Turbo-Spinning, make race car noises! VRRRRRRRRRR EEEERRRRR SKEEEEEE ERRRR! While jumping, go WHOOOOSH! Play some crappy music you have stored on your computer to help the time pass and pray you don't break your right arrow key!

The ending makes up for the whole thing. I swear.

ALSO: For those of you who are asking "why the colons in the name?" its because "Snail" and "The Snail" were taken and I am uncreative so heres some colons

ALSOALSO: Oh hey, daily third. That is better than nothing.

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epic story!
nice graphic and realy addicting :)

wow a game of true difficulty

to master this game is to master patience. and the way of the snail is patience. and i have proved i am a master of patience by play through this whole game without music or anything else to entertain me. (i was actually entertained by getting up grades and seeing funny things happen that keep the snail from getting more speed!! hahahaaaa!!) anyways it good!! i like it!! now i am going back to playing fun games!! i'm bored now that i have beat it!!

Oh the adrenaline

Its making me dizzy....


awesome game but i cant get the speed thing :(

run forrest...

I'm not a true snail, I've failed... I gave up, I messed everything for my family, I don't know what should I do now... How can a snail kill itself? Perhaps that french fries could help a bit, not sure... FRENCH FRIES FOR THE WIN! I WON'T GIVE UP THIS TIME. I'LL KILL MYSELF!!

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2010
2:11 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 11, 2010