Bongo Boom Battlegrounds

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Bongo Boom Battlegrounds is a strategy game inspired by Patapon for the Sony PSP. Customise your army, choose a mission, then lead them into battle using a drum-based control scheme to give commands. Along the way you will encounter an 18 chapter storyline, a variety of enemy soldiers and several large bosses to defeat!

One of the reasons I created this was because it was really HARD looking for a Patapon-type game for the PC, so I made my own: the general style and control scheme may be borrowed from Patapon, but the story, artwork, and other game mechanics are entirely my own. I hope you will enjoy it, and have fun! Feedback is most welcome...

Instructions to play can be found in the game, everything is controlled by the arrow keys and spacebar.

Additional note: Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I hope you all had fun with the game. I've taken note of the more constructive suggestions and criticisms, and am currently working on the sequel... as for those who still feel it's too much of a patapon ripoff, then i sincerely apologize! it was never meant to be a 100% ripoff, i just really liked the idea of using drumbeats to control an army... so i made my own version of it. :)



Tier 1 Units > Tier 3 and 2

Beat the game using Tier 1 units, I had a harder time killing using the tier 3 units, against those godly two enemy units guarding the chest. I don't understand why you made the decision to give all tier 3 units besides demon hunter only 1 reinforcement. Because of that, it makes their tier 1 unit counterparts better than tier 3.

Lancer may only have 100 hp compared to grey's 200 hp. But since Lancer has 3 reinforcements, 100 x 3 ->300 hp 200 x 1 -> 200 hp. So yeah, Plus Lancer does more dmg than grey? lol wtf.

You have to fight and kill the two units guarding the chest, its impossible to charge through and push them and get to the exit, they'll just jump over your units and kill the flagbearer. The fight was more intense than fighting the last boss.

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Definatly entertaining

I got addicted to this! I was really wondering why I was finding some of the bits so hard though... until I realized my mistake was actually using the 'advanced units' the lancers and maybe the legionaries and demon hunters are worth it.... but its even easier to just keep the swordsmen and upgrade them fully.

I would love to see another BUTa bit more balanced (if your spending two gems on a unit with no reinforments u expect it to be a LOT harder to kill than they are)

That said I really enjoyed it!

Pretty good

I like it. Patapon is one of my favorites, and this plays almost just like patapon.

Can't replay when you beat the game?!

I loved the game but the fact that you can't play again with your finished saved file is ridiculous. I wanted to try out 5 assassins!

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I really liked it...

I would just like to see a command list so if I leave the game and come back I can see what the available controls are

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
10:47 PM EST