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Rotciv's Random Battle #3

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Author Comments

My 3rd animation ^^ Yeah, this one looks better then the others. At least I didn't had to rip neather Sonic's nor Mario Bros.'s voices xD
Oh well, not much to say... enjoy ^^

Minha terceira animação ^^ Sim, esse aqui parece melhor que os outros. Pelo menos nao precisei ripar as vozes do Sonic e dos Mario Bros. xD
Bem, nao tenho muito pra dizer... espero que gostem ^^

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Speed Can Overcome Power

Another great eps. Although it was a particulary, short 1, it was still enjoyable to watch.
The Fighting-styles fit all 3 chars. and I LOVED the differen't Sonic animations in this. There were alot of new interesting ones, that I have yet seen anywhere. Whether it be a Sonic-Sprite game, or another Flash vid/game on NewGrounds. So I think it's pretty cool seeing them in this!

This battle between Sonic&The Mario Bros. just proves that it dosen't matter how strong you are ( Sonic has strength aswell, but it's mainly from the impact of his speed atks, as to where Mario&Luigi have normal strength ) if you can't even hit your opponent. Had Sonic not been injured, ( Though Mario was a tad injured aswell, in his defense ) Mario&Luigi propably wouldn't have landed as many hits on him as they did. Would've still gave Sonic a good fight, ( They ARE the Mario Bros. afterall ) but wouldn't have done aswell. Because it dosen't matter how powerful you are; Speed will always ( W/ a few exceptions here-and-there ) overcome Power anyday! That's why Mario lost that Free-For-All battle in eps.1 afterall. He wasen't fast enough to keep up up w/ Sonic,Shadow, and Cloud and thus, he couldn't dodge, or overcome thier Speedy Assults.

Like I said b4, another great eps. and I'm lookinng forward to seeing what happens next! Keep on keeping on, w/ this Flash Series!

P.S. You say that this entire series is random, and although that is indeed true. It seems to me that it has a small semi-story invovled within it. That's just my perspective though. But there really DOES seem to be a small semi-story happening here.

why the hell was Riku helping mario?

Mario isn't a real hero first of all and second of all why the hell was Riku helping mario?
if only sonic transforms then it WILL be epic because in kingdom hearts ll Riku was the strongest of light & dark mario is not even good all he does is he hits stuff with his head, jumps on things, punches and kicks, eats mushrooms to get stronger and use abilities... He can barely do anything of his own strength.

Why do i even have to worry

Very nice

I've seen plenty of flash fights, and this certainly does take it's place up there. I liked it, though some parts of it.. I wasnt cool with. I mean I see people comparing this to Super Mario Bros Z, and while this is good, it's not comparable really.

The attacks seemed very repetitive. Maybe you should try brainstorming some different ways for them to fight. Also, there was only one scene change, and changing the scene of battle really does make the battle seem alot faster. People like fast battles.

Rotciv17 responds:

You are right. This flash can't be compared to Super Mario Bros. Z. Also there are repetitive atacks and single scenes. But please consider that this is my first series. I created this RRB serie not just for you people to enjoy, but to get better and better on Flash. So when I finish this serie maybe I can finally make a good serie with story and everything else

Great animation! But...

Mario isn't a real hero. He hits stuff with his head, jumps on things, punches and kicks, eats mushrooms to get stronger and use abilities... He can barely do anything of his own strength.
Sonic has speed and he's kind of strong. He's got the super sonic mode, but needs rings to sustain it and the chaos emeralds to activate it. But he has strength of his own.
Riku has power a plenty and strength of his own in Kingdom Hearts II. Really dependant on Xeanort's heartless in number one and Chain of Memories, but whatever! I'm such a nerd!!! *sigh*



Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
9:27 PM EST