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Great, missed the deadline and it's less footage then I said it would be, go me. Intern work and Evil doc work banging on my door tough, so it'll be a while again before part 3.
So this kingdumb hearts movie will be 4 parts instead of 3. Guess that means more music video's, yay?

Problem with the in between parts is that they don't have a clear beginning or ending, so it's just a bunch of little sketches instead of a full story this time. Ah well.



But try to improve on the art a bit, i know its supposed to look rushed, but not ms paint on a laptop rushed >.>

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It's good but roxas needs some voice acting... he doesn't have an accent and heres an idea:
Roxas:So why are we here?
Riku:umm.... why do you have the keyhole?
Roxas:Because kingdom hearts is cencored!

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I changed my mind :P

I DO actually like some of your flashes,like this one,sound sounded good,and the animation was solid

Wait this means......yehaaa more episodes :)

Animation quality is definantly better than the other works, it also seems faster paced and scenes are better build up charater vsspace wise...? Yeh what I mean with that is the character are now filling the screen in right proportions so that the viewer can oversee more what is going on. ( Apart from mickey who likes to ruin that :O )

Some missed opturtunities for some extra lip movement during speech was a bit annoying though. Any whom really intertaining to watch so looking forward for the next episodes :)


Thier is no word I know to say but great job and I want to see more and thanks. ^_^

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Jan 9, 2010
3:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody