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Kingdumb hearts14 days 2

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Great, missed the deadline and it's less footage then I said it would be, go me. Intern work and Evil doc work banging on my door tough, so it'll be a while again before part 3.
So this kingdumb hearts movie will be 4 parts instead of 3. Guess that means more music video's, yay?

Problem with the in between parts is that they don't have a clear beginning or ending, so it's just a bunch of little sketches instead of a full story this time. Ah well.

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super funny but werid

good but

dont u think SORA should be the one in the banana song instead of Xion?


I love it when Axel lights Saix's hair on fire! XD

I was never into kingdum hearts...

but I'm really into these videos! I can't stop watching them!the banana song was funny too.

Can't stop laughing!

I love the loading banana music!