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Uh Oh! Flying Saucers!

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Use the left mouse button to fire. Change weapon with the number keys across the top of the top of the keyboard.

1: Blaster
2: Machine gun
3: Beam
4: Rockets
5: Plasma

Each weapon has different strengths in different situations, so try them all out! Ammo is displayed by the cross hair and under the gun icons. Ammo regenerates over time.

Make sure you don't shoot down the human escape ships, these will be awarded at 500 points each at the end of the game!

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woah this is great

new twist

Dang the mega ufo dumps an ass load of bomb geeez. But that made the game interesting and different than the previous versions. It could just be my system but the sound made the game lag a lot making it difficult to aim and play. Maybe an option to turn off the sound and decrease quality. Could also extend the game more with different landscapes and levels with a slower progression in difficulty. The mega ufo dump game pretty quick in one game and only saw the laser ufo once.

Nickkyg responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, really appreciated!

I believe the lag is caused on some computers by the rocket launcher weapon, the smoke trail causes it to lag so i may upload a "low effects" option to the main screen.

If i make a more detailed version i'll make some more levels/landscapes and a longer game in general.

The big bomb ufo is slightly more common than the laser one, but both can be destroyed before they unleash their weapon if you blast them enough.

Glad you enjoyed it!


good stuff, but devistating ^_^


Good Job!

Nickkyg responds:


Credits & Info

4.67 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
6:38 AM EST