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Author Comments

"How will you counter bullet hell without any gun?"

Hiya all, our unordinary theme today is 'gunless' :). How does that feel to be the one of the "unarmed enemies" you destroyed in the other shooter games?


Control a gunless ship. Evade thousands of enemies' bullets. Use Energy shield that can absorb and repel their projectiles to destroy themselves. Endure endless enemy waves and see how far can you go. Try to progress further with upgrades and achievements!

- Mouse to navigate your ship
- Hold left mouse button to deploy your shield
- Release left mouse button to blast your shield (releases bullets absorbed and reflects nearby bullets as well).
- P to Pause
- M to switch Music on/off
- S to switch SFX on/off
- V to switch voices on/off


WHOA ANOTHER FRONT PAGE!! Thank you very much >_<
If you find the game needs more balancing or find a bug please do tell me... The Upgrade prices is fixed though. It is high because it's only have 9 levels... You'll get to the max in not time if i reduced it.

Also i find people have different way to play. There are people who absorb the bullets as much as he can then release it for full force, there are types that aim carefully and reflect the bullets back to the enemies, and there are also people who stay stationary, allowing them to be a cannon fodder "intentionally" and waiting for counterattack. Glad to see people find their own ways to overcome the condition ^^.


Development site: http:// fandrey . lucidrine . com/ (remove the space)


Brilliant idea!!

The game was so addicting,and the music was just awsome!

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well done

deceptively simple, yet extremely addictive.

A good game, but a few steps short of perfection.

I truly enjoyed the game, it was a good challenge, and fairly exciting to be quite honest, when massive swarms of bullets are flying at you, while you've got low energy. The game takes a fair amount of reflexes, and alot of quick glances at where the closest bullets are heading towards. However, it wasn't perfect, despite it's very good gameplay, in my eyes. There are a couple things I'd suggest, if you make a sequel, that would make it much more fun.

1. Some form of defense, beyond your shield. The absorb/counterattack theme was very fun, but when you reach level 17+, you tend to run out of energy too quickly, from shield sapping shots, and just an overflow of bullets. I'd suggest maybe adding an upgrade that perhaps gives you a pair of auto-firing turrets, once you've aquired a specific amount of upgrades. Nothing TOO powerful, but something that can at least give you at least a little less stress when it comes to how many enemies are swarming after you. Having them pick off a few for you, would help there.

2. Alternate shield modes. This might go against the simplicity of the absorb/counter theme, but perhaps once you've worked through enough upgrades, you could gain a new style of shield? Maybe one that just bounces enemy bullets off you, instead of absorbing like the standard shield. Perhaps make it cost a bit more energy per bullet, but it would be a nice change of pace, from the standard charge, fire, charge, fire, shield. Or maybe a shield that creates spinning orbs around you, as you absorb more, that could damage enemies they touch? I'm certain there is a variety of other shields that could make this game even better, if you brought them in.

3. Some sort of super-charge weapon. To put it simply, maybe something that charges slowly over time, as you absorb and fire back bullets, that you can pull out as a trump card, in case you're being overwhelmed by enemy fire. Could be something as simple as a bomb that destroys all nearby enemies, or maybe even some temporary homing missle launcher, that blasts near by enemies for a short duration. You could even make it a multi-level super weapon, that gets stronger the longer you charge it, or possibly could be upgraded for a nice chunk of Tech points. It would spice things up, in my eyes.

Those suggestions aside, I really did have fun playing your game. It had me sitting here for well over an hour and a half, blasting back bullets, and watching myself get destroyed once the screen was full of enemies, yet I enjoyed every moment of it, even when I did die. Add a couple more features to your next game, if you make a sequel, and I'm certain it will be a hit my friend. Best of luck in the future!


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lucidrine responds:

Thank you for your ideas and feedback! We'll consider that if we make the sequel later :D

Another Review!~

Ugh, I haven't written a review in a long, long time, so I might be a bit out of it when I write this. And I'd like to apologize if any of this offends anyone who reads this beforehand.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on the graphical part of the game. It's nice, it's clean, and it's gives a really refreshing mood when you look at it.

The best aspect of the art was that its light blue background and colourful bullets matched perfectly with the music, and the mood it gave off was just wonderful, and well-fitting for an arcade bullet-hell type of game.

The gameplay was original, as far as I know, so that's a plus. But the way its designed does give off some flaws, which I'll talk about first.

The fact that you're shielding and able to 'abosrb' bullets kind of doesn't fit the bullet-hell style, in my opinion. You're no longer forced to evade and move around, you can just sit there and wait it out. I understand that you put a limiter on the shielding, obviously, but it still doesn't feel right.

This can be most obviously be seen when one can just sit there, simply button-mash the mouse, and still easily get to phase 15~20. (And I mean very, very easily.) The quick energy refilling speed, and the large maxinum energy allowing you to hold it for seconds at a time easily allows this. This may be intentional, but it still... just doesn't feel right, I guess. xD

But in any case, the gameplay is very easy to learn, and allows various ways of enjoying the game, which is a very good thing. This allowed a lot of replay value for players who enjoy these types of games, allowing them to test varying styles out. However, as these are differences in style of playing gameplay, I believe that to some people, this game would get old rather quickly. As other have most likely mentioned, other differences like different ships and such would've been better in this aspect.

There's not much else to review, as this is quite the simple game, so I'll end it at here with the reviewing. The following is just useless text so you can ignore it.

-> A mod I would like: Much less Max Shield EN, Faster recovery time during forced recharging, a EN recharging speed that goes from slow to very fast kind of.

->More stuff would've obviously been nice. And some kind of storyline as well, maybe? Ah, but the storyline would completely ruin the "arcade" aspect of the game... Forget it, xD

->The EN draining bullets were a really nice addition! Especially because it's purple! Huzzah for purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~ xDDDDDDDD

->I'm wondering... The guy who got 10 million on the leaderboard... Does he/she have a life/! How long would it have taken to do that....... One word- OMGWTFOTL...

->If you don't give us another game very soon I will curse you so that a brick will drop upon your head(s) every day for the rest of your lives!!! NOW GET BACK TO WORK!
(Although exactly how I'll achieve is something that I have yet to gain knowledge of. Meh, who cares, I'll manage it someday... I mean, nothing impossible once your put your mind to it, right?)

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lucidrine responds:

Whoa thank you for you review! We'll try to improve in the next installment :)

the best i've played of its type

if you added powerups or something similar then you would have it all, you got the cool music, the weird computery voice, you can buy upgrades, and its actually challenging! graphics are also surpsingly good. well done

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
3:00 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional