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THE CROSS pt.1 of 2

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Author Comments

This is made mainly to educate rather than entertain. Though it does still hold your attention cause it only goes for 1 minute.

Made in 2007
Everything by me

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Thank you sir...

Thanks man for sharing the gospel right here on Newgrounds. It really encourages me to see someone using their talent to tell everyone where the real problem is at. How can people say there is no God when the evidence is staring them in the face? If a building has a builder, then creation has a great Creator. Explosions don't create things, and you can't evolve from nothing. There is so much evidence that prove the historical accuracy of the Bible, and clearly shows that there is no other 'religon' that can match up to the Bible. The way I see it, there are two kinds of faith: One of works, which is every other religon. The other is of complete grace... there is no other religon that teaches that. Christianity is basicly a relationship with the God of the universe, and there is nothing illogical about that.

nahtanojmal responds:

Listen to Ray Comfort, Ken Ham or Kent Hovind much? :)

Thanks for reviewing :D

Cleva girl.

It succeeds at what it attempts to do. Inform. I'll admit I was checking out your other videos after the boldness I saw displayed in "Contemplate Life", and was a bit disappointed in this. I wonder at the strange, almost humorous, tone of the voice used in this. The ideal audience for a flash like this has to be a person who isn't religious and likely one who doesn't want to see it, else it would largely be pointless. So then I have to propose that the strange tone was there to hold the viewers attention through a speech they would normally ignore. Entertaining? No. Deviously clever? Perhaps.

Since the only apparent point of this is to be a religious soapbox of sorts I feel less dirty for making a bit of conversation unrelated to the review, so with that in mind: I enjoy a friendly discussion about religion and in any discussion I always end up asking two questions.

Most religions deny and often condemn those of other faiths. So one who is born to a Buddhist family, raised to be devout within their faith, and while not condemning your faith, they simply have never been given a convincing reason to convert. They are generous and kind, giving all they can to help those around them whether it be their personal wealth, their time, or even their own happiness. Selfless and kind, some faiths says that her fate is an eternity of pain. Pain worse than I can imagine... for a time longer than I can fathom... how do you view such things?

The second question is much simpler. I'd like to know how it is that you chose the faith that you belong to.

If at any point I came across as offensive then I apologize, and any response you do or do not make is understandable. I know the majority of my review is off topic and you've probably heard all this before, as such I apologize.

Fun fact: My first question is not a hypothetical. She was a real person. She died at the age of twenty. Too kind for the world she lived in. While it was never her intent, it was her life that made me lose my faith. Every time I see things like this my only thoughts are that I hope as deeply as I can that its wrong. No offense.

nahtanojmal responds:

People don't go to hell primarily because of their relations to man but because of their relations to God. Most of us spit in the face of our creator. God want's us to turn back to Him and showed His love by dying on a cross for the sins of the world. But still many do not want God even when God does miracles.

I've chosen to side with Christianity while listening to the Way of the Master radio (now wretched radio), Paul Washer Sermons and John MacArthur Sermons. Yes my Dad is a pastor but Christianity didn't make sense much while growing up.

Thanks for your review ;)

Not suitable for NG

The main problem about religion is that once you assume that only yours is right, all the others are consequently wrong. I don't believe in almost anything you've said, and I have to be constantly reminded by my christian neighbors about God's love, humankind imperfection and the need to atone for all my sins, regardless of my will to do so ( they have REALLY loud speakers, and no respect with others sleep time at all) or to actually believe in all that. I really don't like that kinda of thing, to uncomfortably force everyone your religious point of view, and when I enter NG, I expect to find an exciting game, a well done animation, something funny even, but not this.

That said, I respect your right to believe in whatever you want to (as I want mine respected as well), but I just don't think that NG is the place to state your beliefs. I've never seen an animation here defending atheism, Buddhism, agnosticism or whatever choice of faith one might have, and that's because Newgrounds is used by people from all kinds of countries and cultures, including the ones that don't have to believe in Christ or God. In respect for all those people, I'm going to rate you down. The animation was nice, your voice (was weird at first, to be honest) matched things reasonably well, but the content is too delicate to be put for everyone like this. It's like trying to seriously discuss about euthanasia in a stand up comedy show. If I wanted a sermon about the creation of mankind by the christian point of view, I'd have opened a virtual bible, Genesis book.

Please don't get me wrong. I appreciate the general (and original) Christian idea, of being a nice person and loving everyone, regardless of their color, wealth, social condition and stuff. I also DO believe that we must try to be better people in order to have a decent place to live in. I just don't think, I shall reiterate, that something so personal as religion (specially when it involves someone affirming one belief over others) should be discussed here.

Four stars for the animation and effort, though.

nahtanojmal responds:

You can't force someone to be a Christian. And if you do they won't be a Christian for long.

Thanks for reviewing ;)

Loved it

Hey, Jonathan.
Great stuff ur doin'. Keep 'em comin'.

Steph Townsend

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks Steph

It's decent

At first I thought that this was going to be a retelling of the entire Bible. It didn't seem like it because you didn't get that far when the cartoon went along. What is good is how well the animation flows in this. It was especially cool to hear everything in rhyme. Maybe you could have classified this as a music video. I think it kind of lost water when it got into the more dogmatic stuff about Heaven and Hell, which I can't really blame you for.

I'm not a fan of those things, but can at least appreciate the hard work and effort put into this. You could have made it a bit more elaborate but it's still pretty well done. I think the message I want to send is that people should just stick with whatever principles they have. We can all learn something from each other. The music was also nice and soft.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
2:26 AM EST