MickeyMouse - MuscleMagic

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Who needs steroids when you got Magic!!!

Here's another animation... Finally!

I really got into Muscle Mickey for some reason, so I made this just for the heck of it... Although it took me about a week to finish, it was still really fun to make...

I didn't mean to make him look so evil in the last scene... Sorry...

Hope you enjoy...


Mickey Mouse (c) Disney
Sounds (c) FlashKit.com

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What does it all mean?

Both of your Flashes have to do with some type of steroid. Is there some deeper meaning to them? Or do you just like steroids?

cartoonjunkie responds:

Apparently you haven't been to FurAffinity.net... Haha

If you must know, it's a type of fetish that I (sadly) have gotten into called muscle growth... Go ahead and 'blam' me if you want, but if you could, try and look beyond my odd interest and instead view it as just another animation that someone put a lot of effort into...

Even though I did make this to satiate my own twisted pleasure... XD


wtf if you want a real body go and train.....
and why the fuck mickey mouse? i love mickey mouse and look what you made of him


I knew I found this familiar. I saw it on FA the other. Would be interesting to have a power like that in the games XD


I must admit though, I was so waiting for the POP. Splat. Mickey go blood and guts finish. But hey, I was'nt disappointed with the finished product. Overall a pretty slick little flash you got there. Surpirised by the low score actually, thought it would have been at least around the 3 mark. I liked it muchly. NO constructive criticism. 3/5 and 7/10. Cheers, Gamejunkie.

PS: Review replies much appreciated.

cartoonjunkie responds:

Not one for blood and gore so that's why I didn't go there, but I guess it would have been humorous to some people... :3

Thanks for the review,


Wow, that was.... new. (Lol, in my opinion it looked disgusting on Mickey, he should stay the way he is.)