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A Cool Kitty's Fun Time

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Author Comments

Join a pretty cool kitty on an adventure for fun, but when he gets into trouble... WATCH TO FIND OUT!

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The song's Aya Shameimaru's theme from Phantasmagoria of Flower View, called Wind God Girl.
Not my fav, but it's good.
Not the best vid tho.

this is a perfect message definitley a 10


Simplicity is not always a good thing... nor is it always a bad thing. It's ok to use very basic animations (and sometimes nothing more than a slide show), but many people don't like it when you dont use complex animation sequences. They want things like Lip Synching to a recording of someone talking, fluent movement of body parts (arms, legs, etc.), generally putting most of the work into the animation quality (and sadly not often the plot). You did a pretty ok job on this, but a few tips:

-in the scene where cool kitty is standing in the room with his friends, his legs are transparent so it looks like just an outline. Try filling him in to make him opaque, even if the color you fill him in with is white. I know it may be your style to let your characters be transparent in front of backgrounds, but in flash, it can be confusing for some people, so know who your audience is. It doesn't hurt to experiment with other styles, and sometimes they work better for you.

-Movement is somthing that a lot of people look for, try playing around with making arm movements for a stick figure in a blank flash file, then try again with a full character of yours. It takes more time, but with the right amount of keyframing and tweens, you can do anything. ;)

-A good flash anim should take over a few hours for someone who works very hard on it. I make simple things with basic movement, the behaviors tool, and buttons, and I still spend atleast four hours on them- and bearly anyone recognises the work. Why? Because the general public of Flash Animators expect people to put in exessive ammounts of time and practically dedicate days at a time to projects just to ensure they come out ok.

Overall, you have a good plot idea, you just need to try to make the animation match the complexity of the plot. ;)

k3ltr0n responds:

thnk u this was vry helpful please look at my other movies 2 help me plz!!!

No Smoking.

Simple and cool message.

k3ltr0n responds:

thanks guy!!

Put more time nto this, man.

The only thing I really liked about this was the music. That's it. The least you can do is tell us what the name of the song is in this. Other then that, you need to learn to put a bit more effort into your flashes man. Otherwise, people are just gonna blam them and then we're all sad in the end.

k3ltr0n responds:

idk its from touhou idk the name!!!!!!!!!

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2010
10:40 PM EST