Sketched-Runaway Wedding

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I can only wish my wedding is this awesome...

This one's for all the chick flick lovers in the house... which may be missing its mark here on Newgrounds haha, but here it is anyways... for everyone else, I warned you... but watch it anyway haha.



That had me laughing pretty damn hard!! Thanks!!!


Loved the refs, looks like there IS room for a romantic comedy crowd on NG.

I especially liked the Fonz being in the background as a sort of coup-de-grace.

That being said...

You could've used a different color palette in the background to bring the characters more to the fore (look into pastels here), but I did love this one's art style.

The scrollbar in the credits was a nice touch, but it was way understated. Maybe try causing it to blink or even scroll on its own until the user mouse-overs the bar?...

The chapel appeared nearly empty. Some shocked and appalled guests may have been nice (and some joining in with the references would be cooler)...

And one last bit... The guy behind the window should have given a thumbs-up too for extra cheez points. :p

All in all, though, really short and sweet, which seems to be very much your strong suit! ^_^ Keep it up!

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Another funny one.

These Sketched episodes are certainly something different in the realm of flash comedy!

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Appeals to a certain crowd.

Personally, I have seen all but one of the movies that were mentioned, so I got most of the jokes. What really had me though was the final line at the end. It was so cheesy, but I like cheese (except in overdose, I start seeing things then). So the final line was well placed.

Anyway, don't expect people to rate this one as high as your other sketched animations, mostly cause they probably don't get the jokes.

pretty gd

was pretty gd not that funny tbh tho :/

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Jan 8, 2010
1:02 PM EST
Comedy - Original