Alfred Fucks Himself

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A couple years ago, Jesus was ressurected into the form of an Outlaw Scumfuc named G G Allin.
Now, G G Allin and Jesus have both been ressurected again, in the form of a cartoon Dog named Alfred Alfer.
And Now, with the Cumming of the Internet, G G Allin's masterpeice "I Wanna Fuck Myself" has never been so relevant!
Watch one Dog's Isolation turn into sex-drugs-and-rocknroll'd Narcissism! See a 100 percent Real Cartoon Dog stroke himself out of needy sexual frustration! Watch him Please Himself to Please and Serve **!!YOU!!** his horny and adoring audience, each and every Common +1 Vew that sits in his or her lowly and fine computer chair.
Watch the Lonely and Depraved Beat It as You, Lonely and Depraved, Beat It to Him.
So, forget about your troubles, whip out those tissues, and blow up all the gorls you can't get - For the Sexual Rock-N-Roll Dog Messiah is Back!


Me wantee

I want to fuck himself too. Maybe myself too, but him has priority. Especially since a confederacy of dunces and the dogsturbation

great too because it gives what it primises too

One of the worst things I've seen on Newgrounds

The only thing I liked about it was the song. The song is very punk, and I like punk. It was a good choice for trying to make a fast paced music video.

The video itself was bad. The artstyle was simple, and that by itself would be fine if the animation wasn't also blocky, cluttered and seizure inducing. Overall it looked like not a lot of effort was put into it. The entire idea surrounding the video is just mind-boggling to the point that I don't understand why anyone would think this was funny or a good idea to begin with, an I'm entitled to that opinion. Purposely making the most insulting, politically incorrect thing possible doesn't make a video edgy or automatically make it good. I'd love to point out exactly where things could be improved, but the problem is I don't know where to start. More realistic art and animation would bump the video from an attempt at comedy (I assume) to just downright creepy. If it had any subtley to speak of, it'd go a long way toward being watchable.


I actually gave this a fair review before, but in it I questioned the great immortal administrators for choosing this to be featured for a while, obviously ignorant to their righteous and divine will which must go un-checked for our benefit. And blessed be the allies of this spammer who troll down the review boards finding anything that may possibly infringe against the guidelines in defense of this brilliant flash titled "Alfred Fucks Himself".

Obviously, this is a brilliant flash. I was retarded to think otherwise. It's not like the Admins just picked this video to be featured just so they could fuck with the mass populous for "the lulz" or something, overlooking other good flashes that deserve views. No, this is all part of their infinite brilliance, and we must thank them.


OK this is was really weird. This flash was too fast,slow it down a bit.i don't like the idea of it being a music porn :P It was ok but it could be better.

Perhaps the worst ever anything anywhere.

Okay, it's a masturbating dog. This could have a good rating if it wasn't for the fact that everything was pure shit.
The animation was blocky and so fast it could put an elephant into a coma.
The drawings, if looked at carefully, are terribly done, plainly separate pictures and sprites put together with Microsoft Paint or something similar.
The song was the same line over and over again.
Almost every word seen was spelled incorrectly.
Your description above is hateful and mentions Jesus, as does the end of the animation, which depicts Christ on the Holy Cross. This is unacceptable in its context.
So, better luck next time, you horrible person who sees dogs as sex toys. I hope you die in agony whilst being burned in the flames of eternal damnation to repent for your sins in the living days. You may not even make it to Hell. They might make a special place just for you, where the floor is made of steel heated to three thousand degrees centigrade. This short was wrong and insensitive, and in a nutshell my review would be 'NO'.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2010
9:58 PM EST
Music Video

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