Alfred Fucks Himself

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A couple years ago, Jesus was ressurected into the form of an Outlaw Scumfuc named G G Allin.
Now, G G Allin and Jesus have both been ressurected again, in the form of a cartoon Dog named Alfred Alfer.
And Now, with the Cumming of the Internet, G G Allin's masterpeice "I Wanna Fuck Myself" has never been so relevant!
Watch one Dog's Isolation turn into sex-drugs-and-rocknroll'd Narcissism! See a 100 percent Real Cartoon Dog stroke himself out of needy sexual frustration! Watch him Please Himself to Please and Serve **!!YOU!!** his horny and adoring audience, each and every Common +1 Vew that sits in his or her lowly and fine computer chair.
Watch the Lonely and Depraved Beat It as You, Lonely and Depraved, Beat It to Him.
So, forget about your troubles, whip out those tissues, and blow up all the gorls you can't get - For the Sexual Rock-N-Roll Dog Messiah is Back!

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a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do

it's not seeming to load?


Hmm can't see anything...

Really really really late on this, but some of you aren't getting the point of this at all. It is the way it is on purpose. I personally find this interesting the whole Alfred Alfer thing is interesting. Yeah,, it's a bit nsfw, but I like it to be honest. Sure, we all have different opinions,but some of you just really don't get the point of the whole thing.