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Super Paper Robot

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18/1/10 - Thanks a lot for the frontpage!

EDIT: If you see a black screen after pressing the 'play' button just right click and press 'play'.

This flash is about a giant paper robot which causes havoc in a cardboard city! The robot animation was done on paper and I scanned each drawing into the computer and put it together in Flash. It took ages to make so I hope you enjoy it. Also, the movie is quite computer intensive so you might have to change the quality settings to make it run smoother.

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Theres just no pleasing some people

I thought it was really cool. nice work, very original and i think that these people are spoiled by animators like egoraptor and other icons on newgrounds.

People have no respect for originality anymore, if its not a videogame parody.. its not good enough... ugh

Kind of a sudden ending...

Your animation and all was pretty good, and I liked your style. But it almost seems like it is unfinished. I mean he just flies away for no reason. I thought he was going to follow the planes and do another thing. You had a good idea, but it seems like you didn't give enough, effort maybe. You had good effort in style, but it really it wasn't much in story. You could of done better man, I hope you get back to yourself again.

M4KBOT responds:

The robot realised that it had made a mistake by throwing the man at the helicopter so he decided to leave the city.

this was great

i like this man keep it up, u should try voices and stuff with this annimation, and more colour

well you see

great idea without any effort

Mind in the right place

This is actually a pretty good idea, like something with a lot of potential
but the art wasn't really that good, just gave the impression you'd scribbled these randomly one day and thrown them into a flash.
Try again but put more time in = win

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2010
8:58 PM EST