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This is a short flash animation (One minute and two seconds, to be exact) i made in about a week. This is my very first venture into the world of flash, which i got about two or three weeks ago, so there's definitely a lot of room for improvement. No-one's taught me flash (and i haven't read tutorials or anything either), I just worked it out for myself as i went along. Please, feel free to post constructive criticism in the comments, as i'd love to know what areas i should spend more time on with my next animation.

In terms of the (lack) of sound in this animation, it's because i didn't really know how to implement it when i made this.

I'm only just Thirteen, hence my lack of drawing skills (I'm planning to spend more time on the drawing in the next one, though ;-] )

Please rate honestly, and post in the comments :-)

(If you experience problems, like the movie plays in slow motion, make sure you have the latest flash player and that your browser supports flash movies)



menn you cartoon no have sound

JugglingT responds:

yeah, i know, i only got flash a couple of weeks ago, didn't really know how to implement sound. Still, i do now, so i'll hopefully have sound when i make another.

yeah alot of room !

i didt get the story nither the animation please improve on these things

JugglingT responds:

Yeah, there wasn't really a story to it. I'll try to spend more time with the animating next time though, and thanks for the comment.


I admit that I'm not impressed when I don't find any sound or music in something. It was pretty funny, however, when you acknowledged that there wasn't any in the credits. The animation looked pretty rough, but I guess it wasn't terrible. If you ever need to do something like this again, I would be glad to appear as a voice actor. The coolest part was when it zoomed out into the alien's eye. If you could put in music/sounds and work on animation, this could definitley be something I would recommend.

JugglingT responds:

Thank you for the review, i'm going to definitely have sound with the next one though. As for the animation, i'll spend more time with it and hopefully i'll get better, as this is only the first thing I've made.

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1.80 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2010
12:08 PM EST