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A WIP Help with lag

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I have Fixed the lag issues and the game will continue production as planned. Thanks newgrounds.

Well i have been working on this game for about 3 - 4 days now and i would like to move on, but on the second frame, the character create screen, there is some lag, and i cant figure out why, i have searched on google for any possible solutions, and can't seem to find anything that helps.
The only thing on the second frame that is constantly using action script would be the leaves, there programmed to have a random fall speed and x position, and when hit the bottom of the screen go to the top again and reset the x position and fall speed. Other than that the rest is pretty much variables. The Leave thing doesn't make sense though because they have the same programming as the rain drops in the menu frame, and the rain doesn't lag, and theres gotta be at least 100 rain drops or so.
is it just because the animation is ( I think) done well on the character create screen that i should turn the entire background into a single image file? (gif, jpeg, png, ect.)
Please help me out here, thanks.

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This is an Alpha, not a finished game. Remove the bugs, improve graphics, add more content, and polish it.