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FlxAdventure is a super-simple Adventure RPG coded with Flixel for the TIGSource Assemblee: Part 2 ( http://forums.tigsource.c om/index.php?topic=9600.0 )

A small town has suddenly been overrun with monsters! Fight your way through their ranks and delve deep into their lair to put a stop to their nefarious dealings.

Controls: Arrow Keys!

In combat:
Up = Normal Attack - Does normal Attack and Defense.
Left = Defensive Block - Does No Attack, but 2x Defense with small chance to heal 1 HP.
Right = Reckless Strike - 2x Attack but no Defense
Down = Attempt to Flee - No Attack and No Defense, but if it succeeds, you can escape the combat.

Hearts = +1 Max HP
Swords = +1 Strength
Shields = +1 Defense

Keys are dropped by enemies and unlock all the matching doors on that level.

Pick up apples and meat to heal, coins to spend at the shop (or to offer the Gods for Ressurection).
Collect gems to earn special magic armor.



Nice Game, But...

I really liked this game. It was fun and simple. It brought me back to the old days of gaming. I liked the touch of the old man shop keeper, made it look like the original Zelda game.

But I have a few complaints... actually many.

First, there is no music, not even simple music and there is no sound effects... nothing, zip, zero, only the Flixel logo made a noise. No sword clanking or enemies dieing sound. Just silence.

Second, I did not die once... did not even come close to dieing the entire time. And there were too many apples littering the entire map. And later on meat. There was no reason for that at all.

Third, the combat system. I did not have to do any thing but press up. I never needed the power attack, I never needed to block and I never needed to run. So I just kept spamming up. Also I did not understand the numbers and or the equations at the bottom, I just kept pressing up and rarely got hit. More rare was to get seriously hurt in a fight and I would fight like 10 or 20 monsters in a row.

Fourth, the monsters. I enjoyed the different looks of them. I was surprised there were so many different types, but not once did they pose a different threat. No one had an acid attack or fire or magic or throwing spears... nothing. Also the enemies do not chase after you. As far as I know they just roam randomly. Now they can attack you if you are careless, but even if they attack it does nothing but start the fight. You still have to choose what tactic you are going to use first. And again, there is no strategy, I just spammed up.

Fifth, the bosses. They looked cool and I was always excited to see the next one, but they were not any harder or more of a threat than the regular monsters... in fact I killed many with just pressing up once and grabbing the key. Only once or twice did I have to spam up and only once did I seriously get injured, but even then it was only half of my health.

Sixth, the levels. I liked them a lot, they had enough detail for the game. However, once you go to the next map by using the stairs, you can not go back. I missed a heart because I did not have enough money to buy it from the old man. When I finally had enough money on the second map I could not go back. No big deal, due to the easiness I did not need it after all, but still would have been nice to go back.

Also the level before last I could go all the way to the bottom and there was not a single enemy or item and I could even go off the screen. I took all the black fog off the map down there and nothing. Then I could not even get close to some walls at the bottom on the far right.

The last level had doors that did not need to be locked because I could just walk around it. There was no wall blocking it, yet the door was still there and when I got the key it was unlocked. There were items there and I picked them up early. Just sort of feels like the last level was rushed or not player tested. It was the largest map I think, but still should have been finished right.

Lastly about the maps, you could actually out run the screen. I felt that was a little weird. It did not happen often due to a lot of walls usually blocks your way and slows you down, but it did happen.

Seventh, the ending. There was none, just that you finished it. I do not even remember what the last boss even looked like. I did not even know it was the last boss. I just walked in that direction, the black fog lifted and I saw some thing gold I think and I pressed up to attack and then it said it was the end... At the corner of my eye I saw other coins I wanted to grab but it was too late.

Eighth, the restart. Instead of going back to the beginning I got sent to the last level with no upgrades and only the beginning few hearts. I kept dieing. I did not really see a point to that.

I still had fun with this game, but there were just so many mistakes or not enough detail or lack of a decent combat system. It is a shame too because this is one of the longer games that I have played on NG.

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Too easy

0 Death 29/30 hearts
1 shot every boss except the last one

Just spammed up on every mob to win. This game is too easy and I felt that half the time I didn't even have to pick up the power ups to proceed ,but I did anyways and facerolled.
I would like to see a more refined version of this in the future. It seems like it has the potential, but at it's current state is is a mindless button masher.

Needs some adjusting

It was pretty cool for a while. Music or sound effects would have been nice, but I had my own music going - no biggie.

Bosses were easier than many of the surrounding enemies
Most of the enemies were way too easy, until about level four
Enemies on level four were easy, but then a red chicken one-shots me?
When I ressurected, it stuck me in the middle of the lava, and I couldn't move

It's alright...

But it's awfully quiet.
Also, the levels are a bit too big, and the camera's a little far out, don't you think?
The fog's a nice touch, though.

Make your own graphics

These graphics have already been used in Dungeons of Fayte...

SeiferTim2 responds:

This has been explained in a number of responses already:
This game, and SEVERAL others all picked the same graphic set from a list of possible graphic sets for a contest.

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
1:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG