Stickman Smasher

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- Make sure your Flash Player is version 10 or higher before playing this!
- If you're experiencing some trouble with the controls, it may be because of your browser. Check out this BBS thread: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1123318 (Remove the space from that link.) Note: Playing in "Pop-Up" mode might eliminate control issues, but if it doesn't, I suggest reading through that BBS thread.
- Depending on your Flash Player settings, you may or may not be prompted to allow the game to store data on your computer (most likely not). If a message like that pops up, click "Allow." That'll let you save your high scores and such.


This is my first proper game!

If you think you've found a glitch, please send me a PM describing it! Thanks, and have fun!

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It's okay. It's fun to play for a few minutes, but by now, it's kinda dated. It's good in short bursts, though.

im got ideas: Shop and points as cash system, in shop can be: better stompers, buying backgrounds, Sandbox mode with other upgrades like: bigger rate to spawn sticks on selected way, slower stick moving and powerups ( to buy ) like: super power, speed stomper moving, slow mode, score multiplier ( x1 x2 x3 ) thats all. game for 5 stars!

Avast ye there stickman smasher

I can never seam to complete the game, Im still playing this game today, getting better and better, I dont miss a single one up until the trash compactor background level and then I keep losing on the rosie o donal gallery backgorund level. How many backgrounds are there to unlock anyway?

Stickman91 responds:

There are six backgrounds in total, but you can't really complete the game since the stages continue coming, progressively getting harder and harder to the point where they're practically impossible.

It's nice to know you're still enjoying this over sixteen months after its release!


I'm sure this game would be a great success if the conveyor belts moved a little bit slower... maybe adding the Easy mode in difficulty would be a good place to put it. I'm not as skill as many players probably, but it just so happens it's also nearly impossible to keep track of each guy on every conveyor belt. Another feature that should be added is you start out with two belts, and the next level you have 4 belts. Some more gradual that makes the game feel more intuitive.

Stickman91 responds:

Well, the belts start out moving pretty slowly, but they do get rather fast by the time you've made it to Day 6. Increasing the both the number of belts and the speeds at which they move would definitely give the gameplay more variety; good point there.

I recall having an Easy Mode (in which the smasher's width was equal to the length of the conveyor belts) in the game while I was testing it , but I ended up scrapping that difficulty because it was too easy to complete stages by simply mashing the arrow keys and space bar quickly.

Thanks for the great review!

3 words

needs more variety :\
but overall the concept its awesome!
(god if i love smashing stick people.and the thing that i love more than than that is to start a game and do nothing just to watch the stickmans falling off and standing still just like nothing happens,OLOL)

Stickman91 responds:

The lack of variety in this game is definitely a big issue, but it's good to know you had fun with it anyway! :)

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
8:53 AM EST
Skill - Other