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Sunoti animation

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I originally made this animation for my new phone. Sunoti is a part dragon, part wolf, and part other canines, creature. This is just a simple animation of her jumping into the screen, standing doing things, and then jumping/walking out of the screen again. Took about 4-6 hours to make.

I haven't really done much animating in a while, so I apologise for the quality of animation =/


Its OK

Its OK, a little simple tho.

It's perrty decent, detailwise...

... but it's jerky, and lacks a good amount of personality, imagination, and flair. I suggest putting more time into bridging the gaps between frames with a few more prames, then tighten up the fps. If you can pull that off, you should be good with this.

As for the OC... I can't really help salvage that...


improve the quality and make more, then i can download to my phone lol

since this is for a phone

i didnt expect there to be much substance so thats ok. however you seem to have pretty solid animation skills and id encourage you to maybe create an animation that is a little longer.

great job otherwise!

Animation not bad

The artwork is good and the animation is smooth. The quality is not bad. Work on incorporating your character into a short or a movie.

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2.54 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2010
2:34 PM EST