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This is a short and rather dark music video following into the unspoken nightmare world of a girl.

Music was produced by Kathryn Dearborn, if you'd like to listen to the full quality of the song or listen to her other music please feel free to visit her myspace page at:


The animation took 7 months to complete, this is also my first completed flash, I used flash cs3 to create it, had a few problems and tried out cs4 which made things alot worse in that it hardly ran at all, but was able to resume work using cs3 again. Original size was 14.7 mbs, however after some work I was to optimize it to just under 10 mbs.

All comments welcome and looking forward to what you have to say.



For a first flash you did damn fine! i really enjoyed it alot and look forward to more stuff from you.

Influous responds:

Thanks, I have more stuff planned.

was the girl raped when she was young? that's the feeling i got from this flash. reminded me of Silent Hill alot. very entertaining


That was a stunning animation; amazing work!

P.S.: Maybe you should have given some credit to Radiohead too, because this was originally written and performed by them. Still a great performance by Kathryn Dearborn.

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Influous responds:

Thanks for the favorite.

Silent Hill much?

This reminded me greatly of Silent Hill except instead of a siren changing what happened i changed when she fell back into slumber in her own bedroom at night. Kind of doesn't make much sense but still very nice if you ask me.

Animation: Love how everything is always moving in each frame, this is a very nice first flash you have created, nice job. Like how you used as little detail on her face as well.

Storyline: Falling between breathing in reality and being another cog in the machine when she sleeps.

Audio: Very great soft song set to a creepily nice piece.

Overall: This was actually quite good.

Review Request Club


Influous responds:

Thanks for the high score and concentrating on the good of it. This is quite useful to me as I've known the weaknesses of it before I submitted it.

~ Review Request Club ~

Sorry for the late review, but I know that late reviews are better than no reviews at all.

~ Animation ~

I do like the wavy animation style here and do find it very fitting for a nightmare type submission. That being said I would love to see how this would be done with normal animation as well.

~ Graphics ~

Pretty decent graphics all around. I feel that you couldn't go into very much detail because of the shaky animation, but if it was normal animation I would expect this to be much more detailed than it was. I think that's really the only thing that took the score down for you in my review was the lack of detail, but again I understand the situation.

~ Story ~

I love music videos that can tell their own little story. I agree that it looks very Silent Hill like and I like the randomness, which I feel gives an extra bit of creepiness to it.

I tried to look for a deeper meaning within the story itself, but really couldn't generate one. Perhaps there wasn't suppose to be a deeper meaning more than a girl's nightmare, but if there was I couldn't see it.

~ Audio ~

The song was great and I really liked how it went with the animation. There wasn't any needs for sound effects in this one. If you were to make another submission I wouldn't mind hearing how it would sound with creepy sounds and a scarier song.

~ Overall ~

A very nice submission all around. I'll drop you a PM about something and see if you wouldn't mind.

~ Review Request Club ~

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3.42 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2010
7:18 AM EST
Music Video